Jungle Boogie Slots

Jungle Boogie Slots is a particularly fun game to play based on visuals alone. Encased in a golden half oval, the reels and paytable are nestled between two marble and gold columns. Banana leaves, tigers, and other jungle inhabitants grace the area around the paytable, with an orange and yellow "Jungle Boogie" at the top. Those who frequent Liberty Slots Casino and Magic Box Casino will agree that Jungle Boogie Slots is quite an eye-pleaser, but that's not the only reason why those who frequent online slots are flocking to play, enjoy, and win the cool prizes this Playtech slot has to offer. Read on to find out what makes Jungle Boogie Slots so special.

Reel Icons Continue the Theme

This is a standard or classic slots game. Jungle Boogie has three reels and one payline, and players are allowed to bet one, two, or three coins. Coin denominations for wagers are $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, and $5.00. The game's jungle theme is depicted beautifully in the reel icons, which include a Tiger, a Baboon, a Parrot, a Monkey, a Blue Fish, and a Leopard. The music is also jungle-themed, as in bongo drums. The beat of these drums is rather catchy; however, you may decide to turn off the game's sound, as it can get monotonous over time.

The Blue Fish Icon - Why It is Special

Possibly the two favorite reel symbols are the Blue Fish and the Tiger. The Blue Fish makes it possible to receive a payout on every spin when this symbol is present on the payline. Not every slots game such as those at Liberty Slots Casino can offer this type of payout. The appearance of one Blue Fish nets the player double the amount of their wager. Two Blue Fish equals five times the amount of the original wager.

Watch for the Tiger

The other reel symbols do not double bet amounts, but pay out as follows. Three Leopard symbols equal a prize of 50 coins, while three Monkey symbols will give players 100 coins. Three Parrot symbols equal 200 coins, and three Baboon symbols net the player a total of 500 coins. The Tiger is the symbol to watch for. Three of these symbols pay 1000 coins, and if the maximum bet has been placed, the payout amount is 4000 coins.

Perfect for Newbies

Jungle Boogie Slots would be a perfect slot to start out with for those who are new to online gambling. Frequent payouts thanks to the Blue Fish symbol help to keep the game exciting for newbies, who enjoy seeing their initial bet turn into a larger amount. The Autoplay option is offered in Jungle Boogie Slots, and this can be helpful for learning purposes. Sitting back and watching the game play often creates a better understanding, which leads to greater enjoyment of the game.