Deep Sea Dosh Slots

Deep Sea Dosh Slots is a three reel one pay line online slot machine game. The game has no wild symbol, scatter symbol or bonus features. The lack of a wild symbol and bonus feature (though there is a bonus game) may not appeal to all players, but at the same time, this makes the game a rather simple game for beginners to play. Experienced players will find playing Deep Sea Dosh Slots really enjoyable because of the great graphics.

Playing the Game

While Deep Sea Dosh Slots does not have some of the quirks of other online slots games, it does offer players the opportunity to choose coin values as low as $.10 and as high as $10 in denominations such as $.10, $.20, $.50, $1, $2, $5 and $10. Since the game only includes one payline, the maximum bet is $10 as well. There is no need to download any software to your computer, a positive thing for Deep Sea Dosh Slots since many players may be hesitant to download software. The top jackpot is 500 coins or $5,000 with a second jackpot of 800 coins or $800. The symbols that appear in the game are King Neptune, Mermaid, Shell, Fish, Crab, Bar, Orange, Lemon and Cherry. In order to win the top jackpot of $5,000 you must have 3 King Neptunes. For the second jackpot you must reveal 3 Mermaids. There is also a third jackpot of 40 coins or $400 for 3 Shells not counting the bonus game.

Bonus Game

The Deep Sea Dosh Slots bonus game is called Treasure Chest and is a "Take it or Leave it" game style. There are no specific rules to activating the bonus game. It randomly activates after any spin of the reels. During the bonus game 16 treasure chests will appear, and the player has the opportunity to open some of them in order to reveal a multiplier value. During each round of play five of the chests are removed at random. Players can also reject this offer and the game will remove 5 more chests before the player receives another offer. You can continue rejecting the offers until only 1 treasure chest remains after which you will be awarded the mystery chest with the multiplier. Players can also reject this mystery multiplier by simply choosing the "Leave" option and receiving whatever multiplier is included in the remaining chest. The game offers a potential win of up to 600 coins or $6,000 depending on your original bet.