Shanghai Lights & Fantasy Mission Force

RealTime Gaming has been a superstar player within the online gaming industry since its company launch in 1998. It has continuously risen to the top of the most prestigious developer lists, year after year. Each year the company releases some of the most exciting games in online slots and casino arenas. Two of their newest releases, Shanghai Lights Slots and Fantasy Mission Force Slots, in which both carry a Chinese based theme, are the topic of much conversation within the international online gaming forum.

RealTime Gaming Releases New Shanghai Lights Slots

Shanghai is the hub of entertainment in China, with a nightlife that is matched by few other locations around the world and RealTime Gaming chose to create an online slot game that highlights that fantastic fact. This 5 reel, 50 payline slot comes complete with a party vibe, Wilds, Free Spins feature, and Super Spin feature. Players can win up to 50,000x their bet, which makes it an immediate thrilling choice for online gamers. One of the more thrilling aspects of Shanghai Lights Slots is the Super Spin feature, which gives players three free spins that are full of Scatter symbols and huge opportunities to win big payouts. With a modern theme and a celebratory atmosphere, this slot appears to the young, the old, the new, and the experienced player.

Fantasy Mission Force Slots Features Celebrity Jackie Chan

In an unexpected twist, RealTime Gaming has created an online slot game that pays full respect to the Jackie Chan movie it is designed around. This 5 reel, 20 payline online slot game features Jackie Chan himself, as well as a progressive jackpot and bonus features. True Jackie Chan fans will also enjoy the movie clips that play throughout the slot, giving them a complete entertaining gaming experience. Players need not see the movie itself before enjoying the slot, but it does appear it may work best if they have.

The Wrap Up On RealTime Gaming New Slots: Shanghai Lights Slots & Fantasy Mission Force Slots

When it comes down to it, RealTime Gaming never disappoints their loyal followers and it’s apparent they’ve hit the mark perfectly once again with Shanghai Lights Slots and Fantasy Mission Force Slots. Both games have top notch graphics and all of the extra features and bonuses fans of RTG have come to expect. It’s clear that RealTime Gaming feels the Chinese themes will be hot in the coming year and so far it appears they are once again correct in predicting that.