Max Quest Cinematic Slots

Betsoft has completely outdone itself with the upcoming release of their new online slot game, Max Quest Cinematic. Max Quest Cinematic is set to be released in November 2018 and is already on the watch list for the "best" online slot games available. Betsoft is well known within the online slot industry for creating thrilling online slot games with interesting themes and graphics. However, Max Quest Cinematic Slots is supposed to be their biggest and best release to date.

The thing that is going to set Max Quest Cinematic Slots apart from all other slots within the world of online slots is the quality of the graphics it contains. The slot itself will make the player feel as if they're watching a high definition movie, as opposed to them playing an online slot game.

The player is taken into the lands of Africa, to join a team that is exploring hidden chambers of an ancient pyramid. Players may find grand treasures with the dark chambers, or they could find a terrifying mummy who is waiting to steal their riches. The incredible graphics and sounds will help the player to feel as if they are truly on an adventure in Africa, making the game extremely fun to play.

While it has been released that Max Quest Cinematic Slots won't have a progressive jackpot, little else is known about the slot itself. It's known to have incredible graphics, a very intriguing storyline, and bonus features. Players will have to wait until September 2018 to see exactly what else Max Quest Cinematic Slots holds.