Madonna’s Lucky Star Slot

Many giant superstars have previously chosen to sign deals with gaming developers and celebrities like Dolly Parton, Britney Spears, Tim McGraw, Elvis, and Michael Jackson can already be seen upon the reels of slot machines all over the world. The latest celebrity to fall under the slot machine industry’s spell is the one and only Madonna.

Madonna’s Lucky Star Slots: Will It Maintain Popularity?

It’s no question that fans of Madonna are loyal indeed and slot developer Aristocrat is crossing fingers that those super fans will make their newest slot game an instant hit. The slot itself features music and video clips from Madonna’s career of the 80’s. As expected, it also features gaming symbols of various Madonna face poses, 80’s sunglasses, cassette tapes, red lips, and more. The style is very throwback 80’s retro and the music featured can instantly take players back to that grand decade.

More To Come From This Partnership: Madonna’s Lucky Star Slot Game

While the rumor is that there was a $10 million deal made between Madonna and Aristocrat, sources are hinting that there may actually be more than one slot game coming from the partnership. There is great speculation that other Madonna slot games may be released to highlight other periods of her career, since Lucky Star seems to only highlight her career in the 80’s. If this is true, industry pros are wondering if that giant deal includes the multiple games or if Madonna will take home more giant paychecks for future games she will be featured within. Only time will tell!

Is Madonna’s Lucky Star Slots For Fans Only?

Oftentimes when a celebrity slot game is introduced, the first people in line to try it out are the celeb’s super fans. However, it is the hopes of the developers that the game itself will create a draw for players who want to try out its features, regardless of the celeb within the theme. Madonna Lucky Star Slots has some potential to draw players who aren’t super fans, due to the free spin re-spin feature and the various jackpot possibilities. The game actually comes with 50 paylines and many ways to win large prizes. So, the future is certainly bright for Madonna’s slot game and Aristocrat. However, at the end of the day it’s safe to assume the main players of this online slot game will be fans of Madonna.