Cubee is by no means a regular being and definitely not a regular slots game. Cubee is a yellow thing that smiles and travels through time. In this game he is travelling from the Stone Age to the Age of Piracy and finally the Viking Age. At each level of the game Cubee needs to defeat the evil Rocco in order to get to the next level. Each time a bet is placed the energy ball will churn out different symbols that include Cubee’s friends Spike, Lucifer, Bones and Casper in addition to eight different floating energy balls and tools that are used to defeat Rocco and award the player with different prizes. To begin with Cubee starts with an energy level of 1 and as he gains more energy with each hit of Rocco he can eventually defeat him and earn some generous payouts at the same time.

Longing for Cubeeland

Cubee will defeat any enemy with lower or equal strength and once the player has reached the era of piracy, he can win free spins from the shooting cannon and in the Viking era, the shooting of the bow and arrow in the right position triggers free spins and helps Cubee reach his goal of Cubeeland. Although Cubee is classified as a slots game, it is much more of an arcade style game with the chance for Cubee to win some huge payouts as he travels through time on his way to Cubeeland.