Play Banana Jones Slots

Real Time Gaming never disappoints when it comes to their new online slot game releases their newest online slot game, Banana Jones Slots, is expected to be one of the hottest of the year. Banana Jones Slots leads those who dare to play it into a jungle of mysterious secrets. The adventure through the hidden jungle explores ancient lands with the main character, Banana Jones.

Not Your Typical Slot Format: Banana Jones Slots

When Banana Jones Slots is released, players will get an entirely new way to play online slot games. The game is involves playing with two dice. Each “spin” is the player throwing the dice, with outcomes ranging from 2 to 12. Depending on what is thrown, the character of Banana Jones will move across the map.

Excitement Comes In The Form Of Bonus Games: Banana Jones Slots

Most players can say that they’re main slot excitement comes when they enter into bonus games during slot adventures. Banana Jones Slots offers both The Treasure Wheel Feature and the Crystal Banana Quest bonus features. Both of these bonus features are triggered if the character, Banana Jones, gets to the Treasure Wheel position and enters the temple. The Treasure Wheel Feature bonus allows the player to spin the treasure wheel and win a cash prize. The Crystal Banana Feature is lets the player gets choose chest that contains a plum, apple, banana, grape, or pear, which is then added to the counter. As players play the game, they collect things to be added to the counter. When they fill up a counter, they’ll get a payout.

Banana Jones Slots Symbols & Counter Info

The way to get paid in Banana Jones Slots is somewhat unique, as well. As mentioned, there are counters that players need to fill by collecting things along the map path. Diamonds, snakes, and vines are valuable. Each counter requires a specific amount of that symbol for it to reach payout status. When the counter is full, the player is paid, and it resets. There isn’t a progressive jackpot in Banana Jones Slots, but there is a top multiplier of 2,565x which can help players turn a small bet into a giant payday.

All in all, Banana Jones Slots is so unique and fresh that it’s easily expected to be a fan favorite right from the start.