Bovada Red Room
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The Bovada Red Room is without a doubt one of the most coveted VIP programs in online casino gaming. It’s mysterious, chic, and offers its members highly respected perks and bonuses. While the program seems a bit unattainable and only the most loyal players are invited to be a part of this exclusive group, players who make regular deposits and wagers are often on that invitation list before long.

Bovada Red Room members can enjoy incredible perks and bonuses that often include cash rewards, weekly deposit bonuses, and personalized customer service that addresses concerns of Red Room members only. Imagine not having to wait for customer service to get to your place in the line and instead have a personal customer service team waiting just for you to contact them. Members truly feel like celebrity high rollers getting extra special treatment.

Other Bovada Red Room perks include all deposit fees waived (saving players between 4%-7% each time they make a deposit), faster cashouts, doubled VIP points, and weekly reload bonuses with lower playthrough requirements. With doubled VIP points alone, members can cash those out much quicker than a regular non-VIP member could, which is a giant benefit in itself. One of the most exciting perks to being a Bovada Red Room member is the potential to be invited to special events, such as exotic trips, tickets to major sporting events, and other thrilling parties.

The prizes that come with Bovada Red Room membership are quite generous, as well. Members have reported winning giveaways of thousands of dollars in cash, travel vouchers, and gift cards. Members are always contact directly with promotions and bonus opportunities, as these exclusive bonuses are not advertised often to non-members.

Many players at Bovada are curious about how they can attain Bovada Red Room status and there is no published information on what precisely it takes to gain this VIP status. However, it is understood that the more a player deposits and wagers, the better their chances of receiving an invitation to the exclusive club are.

While players at Bovada Casino can certainly enjoy themselves without being a VIP Bovada Red Room member, it’s certainly an honor to be invited to the VIP status club and those who are do enjoy much larger benefits. Thus, almost every Bovada player secretly wishes for that invite to come sooner than later.

Bovada Rewards - level Up

Rewards Level Casino Cashback % Poker Cashback % Sports Cashback %
Starter 6.5% 3.5% 2.5%
Rookie 1 7% 4% 2.75%
Rookie 2 7.5% 4.25% 3%
Rookie 3 8.5% 4.5% 3.25%
Pro 1 9% 5% 3.5%
Pro 2 9.5% 5.25% 3.75%
Pro 3 10% 5.5% 4%
All-Star 1 11% 6% 4.25%
All-Star 2 11.5% 6.25% 4.5%
All-Star 3 12% 6.5% 4.75%
Legend 1 13% 7% 5%
Legend 2 14% 7.5% 5.5%
Legend 3 15.5% 8.5% 6%
Hall of Fame 20% 10% 7.5%