Millionaires Club Slots

Millionaires Club I Slots

We all dream of becoming millionaires but never has it been closer to reality when you play one of the Millionaires Club slots games. There are two versions of this popular slots game that offers an incredible progressive jackpot linked between the two versions of the game in addition to multiple ways to win. The theme of these two similar yet different slots games that are linked through their progressive jackpot is luxury and wealth and all of the symbols in the game reflect this.

Play Three Reels of Five Reel Versions of this Riveting Game

The three reel single pay line version of Millionaires Club slots is played with a set coin size of $1 where you can place between 1 and 3 coins per spin. In order to win the progressive jackpot you have to have placed the maximum coin bet of $3. Apart from all of the on screen wins which you can clearly see in the base game, there is also a bonus game which takes place on a separate screen and this is the key to the progressive jackpot. The club symbol appearing on the third reel will trigger the bonus game where you are taken to a new screen and are presented with a cash wheel with a number of concentric circles. You need to work your way in to the middle circle in order to win the bonus progressive jackpot, you can work your way past each circle by hitting arrows and when you land three in a row you can move to the next circle.

No Set Coin Size in Five Reels Version of Millionaire Club Slots

The five reels nine pay line slots game of the same name works in a similar way but the difference is that in the bonus game you are given more chances to progress towards the progressive jackpot and you have a chance to change the power with which you shoot the arrows at the target. But, there is also a disadvantage in this game, if you hit one of the B letters then you lose your chance at the bonus game and are taken back to the main screen. Another major difference between this game and the 3 reel version of the same name is that here you have multiple coin sizes to choose from. Having said that you still need to have bet the maximum number of coins in order to be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Fantastic Winning Opportunities Apart from Progressive Jackpot

Since the progressive jackpot in both the Millionaire club slots games starts at $175000, you know that you will win huge amounts of money no matter what stage the jackpot is at. Whether you choose the 3 reel version of the game or the 5 reel version of the game, Millionaire Club slot is a lucrative and enjoyable slots game to play with plenty of regular chances to win in addition to the enormous progressive jackpot that is offered.