Viking Age Slots

Revisit your – or someone you know – Nordic roots in the classic game Viking Age Slots live at Drake Casino. The ice cold Warriors of the Eternal Winter come to life in this Betsoft 3D game that attempts to recreate their world down to the dragon head that formed the helms of their great ships. Immerse yourself in this rollicking game of mano-a-mano, tough drinkers of countless barrels of ale heroes while surrounding by their gorgeous maidens, with bodies built for the cold Icelandic winters. Viking Age Slots is a 5 reel 30 payline romp through the ancient lands with loads of humor and delightful situations involving the world-conquerors. Enjoy fattening meals onscreen as you wade your way around the meanings of symbols to find the best way to discover the treasure that more often than not eluded your long dead forebears, as they searched for new lands to preserve – unsuccessfully – their way of life.

Viking Age Slots for Winners

More than just a good time, Viking Age Slots offers plenty of chances to win for the brave player, with Free Spins, a Bonus Game and a maximum jackpot of $3,750 at some casinos; $7,500 at others. Beautiful women prancing about on the slot reels may make you lose focus for just a second, or have the same lucky effect a fair damsel does in a real Vegas casino. The symbols are blond giants, golden crowns and treasures, Viking ships, arm wrestling posters, magic runes and more to signal you when you win. There aren’t any Wilds in Viking Age Slots, but there are Scatters, and Multipliers available when you hit upon the traditional right three Scatter symbols.

Hitting the Reels with Nordic Luck

You can bet between 2 cents and 50 cents for a respectable maximum of $150 per spin, which will help you take the most advantage of the 30 possible symbol combinations; it’s almost like the slot machine is on your side! Add to that the bonus features and the lovely Amma, a strikingly pretty Viking girl who pumps her fist every time you go for the gold.

Speaking of our bodacious Amma, she fittingly affords you with some free spins as well. If you are so fortunate to get her to show up three times, she will bring two Viking warriors who use their awesome strength to move the boulders on the screen, thereby revealing both the free spins you were promised and the Multipliers you weren’t promised. The Multipliers combine with the free spins to yield cash winnings that vary with the particular combination you hit upon.

With fully three bonus rounds in Viking Age slots, you’ll want to get to playing right away. Get three helmet symbols, for example, and you will come across the so-called Rune Stone, which will mark the appearance of five doorways. Signals will be given for you to choose from between the five doors; each of which will be marked with a sign. Whichever one you choose will hold different prizes: credit, transportation to a bonus round, or free spins.

Arm Wrestling Bonus

In another bonus round, the wrestling arm symbols come into play. Three of them on the reels will call into the game a duel between Vikings, one of whom you will have to select. How to play such a game between two evenly matched, hulking brutes? By chance, of course. A coin will determine the winner; you flip it, and if you call it correctly, the Viking you chose at the outset moves closer to victory; if wrong, he moves closer to defeat. This is the one you’ll be wanting to win, for nothing less than the total bonus prize awaits the victor.