Masquerade Ball Slots

Masquerade Ball slots features a bit of everything. Incredible prize levels, interactive bonus rounds and spirited sound effects ensure this online slot game stands out. Peppy music plays as the reels spin keeping your toes tapping as you cross your fingers for the jester's appearance.

Basics to Playing Masquerade Ball Slots

You earn more money in payouts and bonus prizes with a higher bet. If you can afford the max bet, it's definitely worthwhile. Start by choosing your coin value (a penny to $5). Next, decide on how many of the 20 paylines you want to wager.

Masquerade Ball Slots Symbols

All symbols in Masquerade Ball slots deal with things you'd see at a masked ball. Ballroom dancers, roses, necklaces, masked women, top hats, pianos and chandeliers make up the symbols on the lower end of the paytable (up to 500 coins). The champagne class and high heel are worth a top prize of 1,000 and 10,000 coins respectively.

The jester mask is your wild symbol. Five jesters offers an amazing prize of 25,000 coins (a whopping $125,000 on a $5 bet). This mask also replaces other symbols to help create winning paylines.

Find the Ring Bonus Game

Remember the classic carnival game where you find a ball under a cup? That's the premise in the Find the Ring bonus game. Pay close attention to the movements of the mask hiding the ring and you could win thousands of dollars. Even if you lose, you still win cash.

The Find the Ring bonus game launches when you get three or more scatter symbols. If you get two, you win back your bet. You'll definitely want to land three so that you can play the bonus slot game. By simply paying attention to the mask, you can become the next big winner.

Winners Play Masquerade Ball Slots

The only way to win the $125,000 prize is by heading to your favorite Cryptologic casino. Many casinos offer special welcome bonuses. InterCasino or VIP Casino promotions reward players for choosing their casino by giving away up to $250. All you have to do to earn the free cash is download casino software and play the best casino games online.

Online casino players who love huge jackpots will find Masquerade Ball slots or the Fantastic Four Slots download to be extremely worthwhile. With many leading online slot machines costing as little as a penny per payline, you don't have to risk a lot to become a winner. Download Masquerade Ball slots software and spin the reels and see how much you can win.