Grave Grabbers Slots

Looking for chills and thrills? Grave Grabbers slots deliver a powerful punch of both. The imagery reminds you of walking through a grave yard at night with a bright moon, eerie trees and wrought iron fences in the background. Enjoy the 5-reel, 20-payline Grave Grabbers online slot game's creepy sound effects, such as a crow cawing in the night, whistling wind or the chime of a clock.

Developed by TopGame, Grave Grabbers slots are the latest in a variety of exciting online slot games. If you like bonus rounds and love free spin slots, check this slot game out. Game play is fast and definitely exciting. Winnings pile up during free spins and bonus rounds.

Grave Grabber's Easy Game Play

Start by selecting your bet at the bottom of the Grave Grabber's screen. Bet any amount from 1 cent to $5 on one or more paylines, max bet is for all 20 paylines. Spinning the reels gets you started, and the animated corpse holding the spin sign is entertaining in its own right.

When you win with a haunted house wild, ghosts fly out windows moaning along the way. They may even make you jump the first time it happens. Invigorating piano music reminiscent of that from old horror movies plays while the reels spin. A small pop-up screen details your win to show you how much you've earned on each line.

Winning Symbols in Grave Grabbers Slots

If you really want to grab some cash, see if you can spin three gravediggers. The Gravedigger symbol launches the Grave Grabbers Gold bonus game where you can win up to 5,000 coins. During this bonus round, click on the creepy hands that come out of the ground to grab your leg and earn bonus points.

Haunted houses are wild, but the cemetery gravestone is also worthwhile. Gravestones lead you to the free spin rounds where your winnings can be increased by 10X.

Other symbols to watch for include a variety of skeletal images. The angelic skeleton complete with a halo and the skeleton reading a book while enjoying a steaming hot mug of coffee evoke a grin. Each image is whimsical in its own way and adds a little lightheartedness to the otherwise creepy imagery found in the game.

Discover the Thrill of Grave Grabbers Online Slot Game

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