Vampire Vixen Slots

Vampire Vixen Slots
Are you Team Edward? Or do you prefer Anne Rice’s Brad Pitt version of the creatures of the night? Or does Blade make you parched? Whatever your taste in undead men, you will love to play All New Vampire Vixen Slot. It is said that the belief in vampires and other bloodsucking demons is as old as the human race and dates back to prehistoric times. But as long we’ve believed in Vampires we’ve seen proof of Vixens. It’s debatable which is more dangerous but combine the two, and it’s no wonder those bats are scattering.

Danger and Seduction

You’ll leave a pile of victims in your wake as you spin your web – I mean your 5 reels. You’ll be able to taste victory with every spin. From the blood crying stone angels to the friendly white wolf, this All New Slot has everything to tempt the temptress. And where is Buffy when you need her? Because the high school boy in his letterman jersey is terrified that his symbol will land on the reel. In Vampire Vixen Slots you are the predator and the $80,000 Jackpot is the prey. With coins ranging from $0.01 to $10.00 and bets starting as low was $0.01and reaching as high as $250, your prey is well within your reach. Remember the more you risk, the more you’ll win. And since you’re already undead, risk shouldn’t be a concern. So pour yourself a glass of red wine - or something stronger - and sink your teeth into this All New Vampire Vixen Slot.

No Half-Way for the Undead

Understanding your prey is the first step to tasting victory. And you don’t have to waste those amazing mental powers keeping track of each of the 25 lines. The game is your ever willing slave; noting your every combination and crediting your winnings to you instantly. Now you know there is no half-way even if you are no longer living or dead. So play the all 25 lines. This will guarantee that you never miss out on a winning line. And you can be confident that you will be full strength when you hit those fabulous Free Spins.

Taste Your Victory

So take a bite out of that 80,000 Jackpot and taste the sweet rewards of playing the predator. Show no mercy. Let those reels spin. And suck all the fun out of the All New Vampire Vixen Slots.