Flo's Dinner Slots

From the era of the Big Bopper and Jerry Lee Lewis, Microgaming paints a Norman Rockwell picture of a piece of pure Americana, the Diner. Flo's Diner waxes nostalgic without the bittersweet memories. Not only that, here you can relive the best of days gone by and at the same time win some serious cash in the process. Let Flo hook you up with a vanilla or chocolate malted to wash down your burger and fries and a triple scoop ice cream sundae for desert. Step back to a simpler time before we knew about cholesterol; when you could eat like this every day. So pull into the parking lot, Flo will skate on over to your window, or you can come inside, and order to your heart's content. She's a gracious hostess and you'll be in the money in no time. Download Flo's Diner today for a taste of classic American winning.

Eat at Flo's Diner and Hit the Jackpot

Sometimes it's the simplest things in life that give you the most pleasure. The old school diner of 1950s America, with the good, hearty burgers and delicious fries provided the down-to-earth eating pleasure. Flo's Diner Slots will do the same. With very easy to understand symbols and rules, you'll take charge from the first spin. Keep your eyes peeled for Flo, of course. Spin 3 of the pretty Flo and you'll earn 2400 times your coin size. Next in order of importance is the classic ice cream soda, with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry with a cherry on top. These taste good and they're good for you, when you spin 3 and will up to 150 times your coin size. Next are the fresh doughnuts, where you can never eat too many. Flo knows her customers, and she'll accept best of 25 cents all the way up to 15 dollars. So, decide what's best for you and go for it.

Give Flo Your Coins and She'll Give You What You're Looking For

To know Flo is to love Flo. And that's true across the board. She's beautiful, loyal and a fabulous hostess. So head on over to Flo's Diner for the meal of your life, especially when you spin the big jackpot. Download Flo's Diner Slots right now for a classic game with some very modern prizes at Microgaming casinos.