Goblin's Gold Slots

Explore the underground caves where treasures are said to have been hidden by all kinds of mystical creatures. Trace the footsteps of the gold-digging goblins and follow the lights of their swinging lanterns to cash in on your own well spotted gems glittering in the dim light. One of Microgaming's slots this game has the potential to navigate the reels with ease and sticks to a straight forward way of doing things. With all the fuss out of the way this game can pay you a top jackpot of $36,000 on a maximum bet of $15, not too shabby for a day's work!

Navigating underground tunnels may require a map!

The aim of the game is to hit the jackpot. The maximum bet is so reasonable that so few can afford not to play it. In fact, in this game it is not just reasonable it is essential. If $15 is too much to ask you do have a way out of it by lowering the value of the coin. This way you are not penalized and you can start working within the same betting and winning ratio. What this means is that should you have placed a bet double the size, the win on that same bet would also have been exactly double the size. You can reduce it to 25c per coin leaving you with a bet on all lines of just 75c. The jackpot would therefore pay out $1,500.

Put down your lantern for just a moment and adjust your vision to set your gaze on the paytable on the left of the screen. It is divided into a top half and a bottom half. The bottom half is the payout schedule for three of a kind of any of the symbols. You need all three symbols on a payline to win. No matter which payline they fall on the winning amount is the same. The top half deals with the goblins and the jackpot payout. Three of a kind pay out based on which payline they fall. The aim is to have them land together on the third payline which costs a little more to activate, but is worth every cent.

Each coin bet activates a payline so by betting three coins you have all three paylines active and all wins will be added to your balance. Goblins have a knack of finding what they so deeply desire

The green, yellow eyed Goblin is the wild symbol and can replace any symbol on the reels to form a winning combination. Also, this is the jackpot symbol and can pay as many as 6,000 coins for three in a row on the third payline. Collect three bags of gold and you could be laughing all the way out of the hidden caves with a win of 500 coins. Had you been playing the biggest coin value your stash would be worth $2,500, a rather attractive little packet right there. Three lanterns is the last high value winning combination until you reach a selection of BAR symbols. BAR symbols come in 1's, 2's and others stacked three high. These originate from the very first Fruit Slot Machines. The BAR symbol was a logo for a fruit gum company and has been used ever since and themed to fit in.

Play with flair if you dare

Let the machine do all the hard work for you, take your mind and body away from the spinning reels by setting up autoplay. Set the reels to stop when the jackpot is won so that all the hard earned gold is not lost again in the underground abyss patrolled by the Goblins.

For a small investment the reward is tops, there is nothing to distract you from a top payout with this game. Playing is rewarding and if it is the jackpot you are after spin your way to untold riches. Download the software and get an account to make your winning day.