Fruit Salad Slots

You got the urge to head to the casino, you can play online at many of the good online casinos and you sure to find Fruit Salad Slots at the 32Red Casino, or try at the All Slots Casino, playing online slots games is a whole lot of fun. The fruit salad slots offer some juicy fruity gaming which you will just love to get your teeth into. The graphics on this game are ultra bright, with some magnificent colors almost like a rainbow of hues. The game itself will remind you of the olden day's slots yet with a modern twist. Although it looks like a pub type fruit machine in some ways with the wonderful fruit on offer, the game has a few twists and turns to add to the mix.

Not our ordinary fruit machine

The normal fruits machines have three reels with one single payline, this one adds two extra paylines to make three increasing your chances of wins expediently, which means there are nine winning combinations. The coin sizes range from .25c up to 5.00 coins in various denominations from Dollars to Euros, since there is only three paylines your minimum on all the lines is 75c, and the max on all the lines will be 5.00 coins.

That fruit salad bowl

Normal three reel slots games don't have a wild card, but this slots has a fruit salad bowl for a wild card. This attractive and mouth watering bowl of fruit salad will substitute to complete winning combinations offering some interesting amounts to be won, can check the paytable for the variations of payouts . The wild fruit salad wild if you get three salad bowls on the first line you will be awarded 1,500 coins, get three on the second line you will receive 3,000 coins, and if you get three on the third payline a massive 5,000 coins can be awarded. You will only be paid out on activated paylines so make sure you place a bet on each line. You don't want to lose.

Helping you in the wins are the tropical pear when you get three you will be awarded 300 coins, and three orange symbols awards 150 coins. Then comes the variety of bars so keep your eyes peeled for the different choices, the three bar symbol for three offers 80 coins, the two bar will award 30 coins and the one bar will award 15 coins. If you get three of any bar symbols you will be awarded 7 coins. It must be born in mind that the number of credits won will depend on the size of coin you bet on each paylines.

Play in comfort and style

Playing slots online is so comfortable, no need to get dressed up unless you want to, and no need to brave the cold outdoors, it so much more stylish to sit at home and play online with your faithful computer, head on to the internet and check out these two casinos to find the Fruit Salad slats game, 32Red Casino and Betway Casino.