Fruit Bingo Slots

Microgaming has recently shifted into the Bingo Ball Room side of games development and naturally, with it came a bingo based slot machine in a typical AWP style. While slots are very much based on chance games like bingo and AWP's have a dedicated target audience with a keen eye for their game. The game overall is based on a classic style slots, one payline and only 5 winning combinations. The symbols are fruits. But this is not what the game is about. The game is about using all the tricks available and using them well. Start playing Fruit Bingo Slots now or keep reading this review...

Pub slots strategy

This is a coin based game. In other words, the bets and payouts are dependent on the value of your coin and this you can manually set. Simple to set up, Fruit Bingo has a single payline and just one coin for the line. So to adjust the bet size all you need to do is slide the value of the coin between 10c and $10. The jackpot of 500 coins is therefore $50 for a minimal bet and $5,000 for your max bet.

The key to playing this game successfully is your ability to accumulate and appropriately use the randomly triggered nudges and other features. Also use your bet settings to hold out for the bonus game where you can use your finely tuned bingo skills to take home some bonus cash prizes.

Fruits and stars

There are only 5 symbols in the game, all a variations of fruit such as a watermelon, cherry and a star. Only three of a kind pays out with the star being responsible for the jackpot. The Fruit Bingo logo is the bonus symbol and triggers the bingo bonus game.

Using the features, a skill in itself

AWP games are packed with random features, they are not released from a combination on the screen so keep an eye out for them at the bottom of the reels as buttons flash or by reading the quirky comments vaguely disguised as instructions at the top of the screen. The nudge feature allows you to nudge one of the reels so that the next symbol in line falls onto the reels. You can accumulate and use the nudges when the feature is next activated. You can only use the nudges on the specified reel.

Hold features is where you are able to hold a reel with the most valuable symbol on it. Sometimes there is the option to hold two reels. When the reel is held, click spin for the other two reels to spit out matching symbols. With there being so few symbols the chances are reasonably good that you will win a prize.

The gamble feature allows you to gamble away any win. This is your chance to for double or nothing or quadruple or nothing by choosing either the correct suit or the correct color.

Another of the randomly activated features is the Shifta. This is activated after a losing spin, but not every losing spin so keep your eyes peeled. Shifta works like the Nudge feature but in reverse. You can move down two of the three reels to try to line up a winning combo.

This is your game

The fun of this game is most certainly in the AWP features as opposed to lining up the correct combinations. These simply keep you going while you play your features with smooth skill. Download and get into the swing of this nifty shifty game.