Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth Slots

Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth slots are a great game to play, and definitely one that will keep you playing. This game offers a lot of action and a simple, straightforward style of game play. For many people, it is the ideal way to play slots. This traditional slot game is a great way to win big, without spending too much to do so. Give it a try right now.

Playing Free Spirit

The game is a fairly simple game. It has three reels. It has just one payline. This slot machine game is based on the popular game Wheel of Wealth, another popular slot game. The popular slot game designer Microgaming makes this particular game come to life. One of the best overall features of the game is the bright colors and welcoming invitation to play. The theme is that of an American Indian style game.

Playing the Game

One of the most important aspects of this game is the Free Spirit symbol. This symbol is important because if you get it during game play, your winnings will be doubled at that point. However, if you get two of the Free Spirit symbols during game play, your winnings are then quadrupled by the game. The good news is that it is also possible to hit three Free Spirit symbols during the game play. If that happens, you win the jackpot. The jackpot in Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth is 5000 coins. That is a significantly higher payout that some types of games similar to this one.

Bonus Play Options

Another nice feature about this particular slot game is that it does include a specific bonus feature. Whenever you see the Spin symbol appear on the game, on the third reel, this gives you a bonus feature. You may land on it during the game play. When you do, this means that you can then spin again for up to 1000 coins, if you make the maximum bet on the game.

Should You Play?

There are many slot games out there, but there is a fun loving, easy to play style of game found in Free Spirit Wheel of Wealth slots that just makes it too good to pass up. The game, released in March of 2006, is a fact action game and offers plenty of fun for those who want something similar and straightforward. Give it a try.