Flea Market Slots

Remember those days when you were a kid, and you went with your parents on Sunday morning to the flea market to look for that BIG find or special vintage toys you thought were treasures? Where even a dollar would actually get you something worthwhile. Even that old Starsky and Hutch poster in great condition for a dollar seemed like a collectable. The smell of hot dogs and French fries in the air, along with anything and everything you could imagine was on sale, big and small, both new and used. Well, Rival software has humanized the everyday common flea and turning it into an entertaining and memorable classic 3 reel (non-progressive) 1 payline slot game. Now you can relive those Sunday mornings at Flea Market slots with spinning rings, dressers and lollipops ready to find your modern online gaming special cash treasure. The Rival Gaming Flea Market slots machine will bring you hours of flea flying fun and the chance of swatting away with a big payout too. Download and Play Flea Market Slots now!

Big Fleas mean big chances to spin and swat away with lots of cash

Grandma’s attic full of junk doesn’t stand a chance compared to winning big at this 3 Reel slots machine. Just like finding a classic painting at the Flea market, your $2 bet can get you a possible $10,000 payout. That’s right, the Flea Market slot’s offers a simple single pay line, 1 or 2 coin game with a top payout of 10,000 coins while betting maximums. The humanized fleas may not be the most attractive graphics in gaming, and the sounds can be a little noisy, but get some Wild symbols coming your way, next thing you know, the fleas become appealing. The diamond ring symbol can also bring sparkling rewards. By just placing one or two coins on a spin, the player can win either 4,000 or 10,000 coins respectively. The wild symbol can also substitute itself for all the other icons. If the player spins one or two with a different symbol to create a winning combination, the symbols regular winnings will be automatically multiplied by the symbols prize by two or four times. If one ring symbol completes a winning combination it will double the payout. Two ring symbols are nice, when they complete a winning combination, quadruple the pay out. Three ring symbols trigger off the jackpot. Stick around long enough and the flat, swirly lollipops too can win prizes singly or in twos when spun onto the payline. They may look old, but just take a look inside them chest of drawers and you can find some big wins.

Load up the coins and head to the flea market, then spin your way to treasures only a flea can bring.

Payouts on the Flea Market slot machine are as follows: 1 Lollipop symbol (1/2), 2 Lollipop symbols (3/6), any 3 Bar symbols (3/6), 3 Single Bar symbols (12/24), 3 Double Bar symbols (25/50), 3 Triple Bar symbols (30/60), 3 Lollipop symbols (40/80), 3 Dresser symbols (100/200) and 3 Ring symbols (4000/10,000). In total, there are 9 winning combinations. Bring on the fleas, lets spin to victory and have fun while you’re there at the market.