High Rollers Slots

Do You Like to Play Like a High Roller?

Online casino gamblers who fancy themselves high rollers are sure to love a game that is called High Rollers Slots. Even if you like to consider yourself a budget slots player, the High Rollers Slots game is still for you! With gorgeous graphics, realistic casino sounds, and easy to use software, the High Rollers Slots game is simply amazing entertainment. Whether or not you're actually a high roller doesn't really matter in this completely fun slot machine game; simply sit back, spin the reels, and enjoy the 1960's hippy theme in this great slot! If you're ready to experience one of the most entertaining slots games available on the web, then play the High Rollers Slots game today at your favorite online casino!

Are You Ready for Potentially Huge Prizes?

The High Rollers Slots game offers gamblers 3 reels and 5 pay lines of video slot entertainment. One of the easiest ways to win huge cash while playing this game is to play all 5 pay lines. In fact, players who don't select all 5 pay lines aren't able to win the top prize of 100 coins! Gamers can choose to wager between $0.05 and $5.00 with a maximum of $25.00 per spin. (5 pay lines X $5.00 = $25.00)

Groovy Symbols Await Players in High Rollers Slots!

If you enjoyed the '60's, then you're going to love the symbols on the reels in the High Rollers Slots game. Gorgeous, vividly colorful icons depict a Bus, a Tie-Dyed Tee Shirt, a Butterfly, a Peace Sign and a Lava Lamp.

The High Rollers Slots game offers players a wild card symbol that is depicted by the Peace Sign; this icon can replace any other symbol on the reels to help gamblers create winning combinations that could offer huge payouts! For your chance to peace out and win, visit your favorite web based casino today to wager, spin the reels, and win! You won't want to miss this awesome game!

Jackpots Abound in the High Rollers Slots Game.

Although players won't find frills like a scatter symbol or bonus game in High Rollers Slots, there are 3 different jackpots that gamers can win. The highest jackpot offered is for players who have bet 5 coins; line up 3 Bus icons in order to win an awesome 100 coins! The second highest jackpot of 48 coins is for players who spin 3 Buses after having bet between 1 and 4 coins. Finally, the third largest jackpot will snag 24 coins for those gamblers who have 3 Tie-Dyed Tee Shirts on the reels. When determining how large your potential jackpot could be, remember to multiply the jackpot number by your coin size!

Play High Rollers Slots Today!

If you're ready for a lovely slots game that offers vivid, beautiful graphics, an entertaining theme, and potentially huge cash prizes, then you're going to be thrilled with the delightful High Rollers Slots game. Just remember that in order to win, you have to play! Visit your favorite online casino right now if you're ready to take an exciting slot machine journey back to the grooviest decade ever; play High Rollers Slots today!