Super Market Slots

Welcome to Super Market Slots. At last, men are also excited about going to the supermarket and with good reason. It may positively change your perception of the supermarket, forever. You'll love this 5 reel, 20 play line game. It's catching Many believe its popularity is due to the amazing sounds and graphics. Colors, bells, exhilarating tunes, vibrant lights and symbols encompass you! Others contend that It's fascinating that these are full screen video games, rather than actual physical round reels. You'll love this game. And, by the way, it has a free practice mode.

How to Play to Win

Know the rules! The rules are simple. Don't forget, the more play lines you play, the greater your chances of winning. Start by setting your own budget. Choose a denomination from 1 cent to $10.00. Hit a winning combination on an active play line and get paid. It's that simple. A novice can play it. Remember, you're working with 5 reels and 20 pay lines, so you can get paid in 20 ways. The minimum bet is one (1) cent and the maximum is $10.00 That bet can earn you up to $200.00 - that's a good take. Each coin activates an additional pay line, so you're completely in control. If you play, for example, one cent on 20 lines you're in for only 20 cents per spin. Just think, a maximum bet of 20,000 coins can earn you some $200,000.00!

  • Three consecutive reels on an active play line with a shopping cart is a winner.
  • Three or more coupon scatter symbols on the reel wins you 10 free spins. All winnings at this point are doubled. While you're there, you will have an opportunity to win more spins.
  • Four or more shopping carts on a pay line doubles your winnings.
  • Get 5 consecutive shopping carts and multiply your winnings times four.
  • Great news: once you're using your free spins, your winnings at Super Market. Slots are doubled (but you cannot double your free spins).
  • You have the bonus round coming up. You can win in one lump sump in addition to the bundle of coins you're working with.
  • All you need are three consecutive bonus symbols on the pay line to ignite the supermarket bonus game! (Maximum coin bets will increase your chances of going to the bonus round)

Exciting Symbols

You'll lick your lips to see the wild symbols such as the cash register. The cash register rules and alternate for all except the bonus symbol and scatters. The coupon is the scatter symbol. You need three (3) or more of these babies to appear at random, anywhere in the 5 reels and you've completed a winning combination. Smile as you win in the company of the salesgirl. Match those shopping carts and line up those coupons.

Bonus Game Activity

The supermarket bonus game happens when you get 3 or more shopping cart bonus symbols on an active pay line. You're given three aisles-simply, select one. You won't know the value of each item, however, after you select the three, the total value is added up and paid to you. Isn't that great? But that's not all. It's still your choice-you're still in control. You may accept the pay out or select to trade the amount so you can shop in a different aisle. You can continue this process until you've shopped all three aisles.

The maximum bet is $200.00 in a single spin - win this one and take $200,000.00 to the house, today.

So, you have a free practice mode, 5 reels, 1-20 pay lines, a bonus game and denominations for one cents to ten dollars, so get started. Download Supermarket Slots now, and start winning!!!!