Fantastic Sevens Slots

The Fantastic Sevens Slots duo has its legions of fans. The classic Fantastic Sevens pleases those who appreciate both its simplicity and its relatively generous jackpot. Those who lean towards Mega Spin Fantastic Sevens Slots tend to go for the double jackpot that this version of the game offers. Others have their own reasons for preferring one or the other. Whatever the rationale, Fantastic Sevens Slots is a hit in either of its versions. Have you played one of the versions lately? If you haven't, you're missing some classic, retro slots fun that every modern day slots fan should experience.

Fantastic Sevens Slots - The Original

The first (and some say the best) edition of Fantastic Sevens Slots may be found online with no registration required to play - free! This is a three reel, one payline, three coin only slot machine. The bright colors are cheerful, especially the splash of yellow against the blue and red background. You won't find Wild or Scatter symbols in Fantastic Sevens Slots.

The One to Watch

The reel symbol you do want to watch for is the Fantastic Seven symbol. Three of these with the maximum bet of three coins nets the top jackpot of 2500 coins. Other reel symbols are Cherry, 7, Red 7, and one, two, and three Bar symbols. There are ten winning combinations possible during a spin, and the coin size starts at $0.25 and goes up to $5.00.

Mega Spin Fantastic Sevens Slots

The Mega Spin Fantastic Sevens Slots version allows true devotees of this classic slot to enjoy it times nine. Yes, this slots choice allows you to play up to nine games, all at the same time. Of course, this takes extra coins, so you spend more with each spin. However, the coin sizes have changed for the better in Mega Spin Fantastic Sevens Slots. Microgaming was sensitive to the needs of those who must stick to a slots budget, and reduced the lowest allowable coin size to $0.10. This makes it possible for players to enjoy nine games for only $2.70. When you consider the win potential, this is not a lot of cash. Of course, there are those high rollers who enjoy the fact that the largest coin size in Mega Spin Fantastic Sevens Slots is $5.00. Make this your wager on every line, and you'll be spending $135.00 per spin. Whether you choose to play the original Fantastic Sevens Slots, or its beefed-up cousin, you'll have lots of fun and hopefully, many wins as well.