Giant Jackpot

When people think of online casinos, they likely often see them as a place to have fun and lose money. In fact, most people don't understand the amount of money online casinos pay out to their players each day. However, when news stories break that discuss major jackpot wins and big payouts; society begins to see another side to online gaming. They see a side where players can actually have fun and win money at the exact same time in online casinos. Recently, it was reported that Ignition Casino made a $100,000 payout to one of their players, which excited many people, including those who felt online casino gaming was just a hobby.

Details From Ignition Casino $100K Payout To Player

Just a few weeks ago, Summer C. from California was the lucky Ignition Casino player who was able to take home a $100,000 payout. Summer was playing the online casino slot named Crazy Camel Cash when she won her prize. She began the game by placing a $50 wager on the spin. As luck had it, she triggered the random jackpot and won $100,000 immediately. Thankfully she was playing the Real Play option, which allowed her to take home the cash.

All About Crazy Camel Cash At Ignition Casino

Crazy Camel Cash Slots is a three reel slot game that players can enjoy at Ignition Casino. It comes with an Egyptian desert theme, with pyramids and desert scenes floating on the background. As the name gives hint to, camels are a main part of this slot's theme, as well.

While there are other game symbols, buttons, and even background music suggestions that a player enters a foreign land when they play this slot, the camel really does rule the roost. When a player is fortunate enough to land three of them on a payline, they can get the top payout of 2,000. This is of course if they place the 3 coin bet. It's always very important to remember that if a player wants to win the top prize, they must place the max bet in coin size. Otherwise, the big prize would be much smaller than if they'd bet the max bet.

Ignition Casino is very proud to make announcements of players who win giant payouts at their online establishment. It helps their other players realize that big wins do happen at Ignition Casino, playing online slot games.