Lucky Charmer Slots

Welcome to Play Lucky Charmer Slots! The King Cobra is a venomous snake that people all over the world respect and fear, particularly in India and Southeast Asia. Its sheer size and fierce agility is enough to make most folks want to give the creature a wide berth. However, snake charmers are known for their love of these snakes. The theme of Lucky Charmer Slots is this magnificent reptile, and in this instance, the King Cobra may be summoned by a flute. In reality, the King Cobra is deaf to noises in the area immediately surrounding him or her, and relies on vibrations instead. King Cobras respond to the movement and sometimes the shape of the flute.

Why Lucky Charmer Slots is Great

Lucky Charmer Slots is a three reel, one payline slot with pizzazz, thanks to the elegant King Cobra depicted on the reels. The reel symbols befit a classic slot such as this one. Players will see a Chili, a Seven, Bars, a Green Cobra, and King Cobra himself used in this manner. There is one coin size only for Lucky Charmer Slots, and that is $1.00. There is a maximum bet of three coins or $3.00, and there are eight possible winning combinations available in the game.

A Wonderful Choice for New Gamers

This particular slots choice is a good one for those who are new to playing slots at online casinos, as it is quite simple and straightforward. Three of the same reel icons on the payline will net players a prize, the amount of which depends on which reel icons are lined up in triplicate. For example, three Green Cobra icons on that payline will net the player the game's top jackpot. Someone who had made a wager of three coins or $3.00 would end up winning $5000 from just this one spin.

The Wild King Cobra

The Wild symbol in Lucky Charmer Slots is the King Cobra. He will only show himself on the third reel. This is not your usual Wild symbol, however. This symbol is more of a Bonus symbol in that it will only turn into the Green Cobra reel symbol, if it is needed to complete a winning combination. Finding the King Cobra symbol on the third reel is a much-anticipated action for players of Lucky Charmer Slots. His appearance gives the player the ability to advance to the Bonus game.

The Basket Bonus Game

The Basket Bonus game is a lot of fun. Players will be taken to a screen where three flutes are nestled on a rug. They must then choose which one of the flutes they want the snake charmer to play. When the snake charmer starts to play the flute, the King Cobra snake may or may not come out of the basket. If the snake does show himself, players will win. This is not as difficult to accomplish as it sounds, for there are eight combinations of snake and flute that result in wins! Let Lucky Charmer Slots charm you soon at an online casino!