Diamond Deal Slots

Play Diamond Deal slots and try for the 3,000 jackpot. With the paytable to the right of the reels, you don't have to interrupt game play to check out the prize levels and rules.

Sounds in the 3-reel Micrograming slot machine include whirring and clicking as the reels move and stop. An elevator-style melody plays constantly during the game. With a winning payline, you get a soft series of chimes. This isn't a challenging slot. With one payline, you'll find it's one of the easiest slot machines to play making it perfect for beginners.

Playing Diamond Deal Slots

Once Diamond Deal slots loads, you decide if you wish to bet 1, 2 or 3 coins. To win the jackpot, you must place the max bet of 3 coins. Hitting Bet Max automatically enters a 3 coin wager. The coins have a preset value of $1, so once you've made your bet, you're ready to play.

To get started, simply click spin. The reels set into motion. The payline is directly across the center of each reel, so cross your fingers that the diamonds appear in the right position.

Cherries, Bars, Sevens and Diamonds

There are really only four symbols you'll be concerned with during Diamond Deal slots. Cherries are of the lowest value worth only 2 to 12 coins. You need at least two cherries to win a prize.

For bars, you'll find single, double and triple bars. Prizes for these range from 5 to 150 coins, but you must have a total of three bars in order to win anything.

Sevens are worth a little more. With matching sevens across your payline, you can win 100 to 300 coins depending on your wager.

Finally, the diamond symbol is the most important. Three diamonds lands you the 3,000 coin prize on a max bet. Diamonds are also wild and can help boost your chances for a win.

Diamond Deal Slots Bonus Game

There is a Diamond Deal slot bonus feature available only if you've placed a max bet. At the bottom of your screen is a sketch of a diamond. If you're lucky enough to spin the reels and land a jewelry box, one section of the diamond fills in. Once that entire diamond is filled, you get to pick 1 of 5 jewelry boxes. Inside each box is a cash reward.

The best part of Diamond Deal slots is that the diamond sections you have filled are saved until the next time you play. If you have to exit the casino, rest assured your progress is saved.

Visit a Microgaming Casino

You'll only find Diamond Deal slots at Microgaming Casinos. Choose instant play or download free casino software and you're treated to casino bonuses that double or triple your deposit. When you take advantage of free bonus offers, you can play Diamond Deal slots for a long time without having to risk any of your own money.