Plinko Casino Game

The Price Is Right introduced the game show’s immensely popular Plinko game in 1983. Theoretically, it goes back to Pachinko machines, where prizes were based on where the balls ended up. There’s an online option available for casino players. Find out how the Plinko casino game works and what you can win.

How to Get Started

To play Plinko, choose your bet. It ranges from 10 cents per ball to $100 per ball. You also want to set the number of pins or rows about the multipliers. Options are 12, 14, or 16.

Once you’ve decided, you choose a row to drop the Plinko ball to. Green has the lowest prizes, while yellow and red provide mid-range and high prizes. The thing is that the highest prizes are on the outer edges. The prizes in the center, which is where the ball is more likely to end up, are low. Wherever the ball lands is the prize you win.

What Are the Prizes?

On a 10-cent wager, prizes in the green row range from multipliers of 0.5 to 18x. Yellow is 0.2 to 55x. The multipliers for red range from 0x to 353x.

With a 16-pin Plinko casino game, there are 17 spaces in each colored row of prizes. A 14-pin game has 15 spaces in the colored row of prizes. Finally, there are 13 prizes per row in a 12-pin game.

We opted to test the game with a $2 wager. Once that was set, we tested it out with 12, 14, and 16 pins. For each round, we dropped three of each color for nine balls in all.

12 Pins Test (In order with 3 Green, 3 Yellow, and 3 Red):

  • 1st and 2nd – 2x
  • 3rd – 0.5x
  • 4th, 5th, and 6th – 0.7x
  • 7th – 0.2x
  • 8th – 2.3x
  • 9th – 0x

14 Pins Test (In order with 3 Green, 3 Yellow, and 3 Red):

  • 1st – 1.1x
  • 2nd and 3rd – 1x
  • 4th and 5th – 0.7x
  • 6th – 1x
  • 7th – 0x
  • 8th and 9th – 0.2x

16 Pins (In order with 3 Green, 3 Yellow, and 3 Red):

  • 1st – 1x
  • 2nd – 1.1x
  • 3rd – 1x
  • 4th – 0.2x
  • 5th – 1x
  • 6th – 0.2x
  • 7th – 0.2x
  • 8th – 0x
  • 9th – 0.5x

After all of this, we kept trying and had the best results in the 14-pin game grid. Moving up to 16 pins did not help us win more, and dropping the number of pins to 12 also didn’t help. We also found that dropping a number of balls at the same time to get them to bounce off each other. Using the same $2 wager, we dropped nine balls, again three of each color, in rapid fashion.

  • Green Plinko Balls – 0.4x, 1.1x, and 1x
  • Orange Plinko Balls – 0.7x, 1.2x, and 0.7x
  • Red Plinko Balls – 0.2x, 2x, and 8.5x

The Plinko casino game isn’t going to lead to major prizes, but it’s a good game for smaller payouts and wagers that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve taken too much of a risk. Our advice is to keep to small bets and drop balls as quickly as you can to help get them to bounce others into the larger prizes.