Diamond Dreams Slots

Ah diamonds, a woman's favorite gift right? Oh, men like them too? It's pretty apparent that everyone loves diamonds and with Diamond Dreams Slots you will find your dreams becoming more of a reality. Designed in one of the most clear cut themes available on the web, this slot games adds a dose of the good ol' days along with the promise of sweet victory to keep your heart spinning with every rewarding click of the spin button! From the get-go it's apparent that style is a major contributing factor to Diamond Dreams and with an amazingly accurate replica of a real slot machine (coin slot included), a concoction of reality and entertainment become a stellar experience. Designed in a standard 3 reel 5 pay line format and boasting a max jackpot of 1000 coins, this slot game is nothing short of amazing. With such a great jackpot a slew of diamonds could very well be in your future!

The Inside Scoop

  • The diamonds represent the wild symbol in Diamond Dreams Slots, after all that is the overall theme of the game.
  • Betting Range from $.02 to $5
  • Coin bet ranges from $.02 to $1
  • 1 coin per line
  • Maximum coins 5 coins (1 per pay line)

A Taste of the Real World

Do you remember the real world? That place where to play slot machines you would have to get inside your car and make your way to the nearest casino? While online casinos have made this process much easier the ambiance and environment of such places have long been forgotten on the web. Luckily for internet gamblers, Diamond Dreams Slots brings a piece of the casino into your computer. Fashioned on actual slot machines with complete working lights and a perfect emulation of an actual machine. Alongside the beloved visual components, the sounds have not been forgotten and Diamond Dreams Slots comes complete with the standard slot machine sounds.

Simplicity is Key

Too often are games overly structured or complicated leaving the player confused or bewildered. Diamond Dreams is the complete package in a slimmed down model allowing easy game play with a decent jackpot to keep you spinning throughout the night. With its elegant yet clear cut design, this game will not let you forget where these games come from and will be having your eyes prowling for diamonds throughout the night!