Cashville Slots

Cashville slots is a Microgaming video game with five (5) reels and twenty (20) pay lines available; in other words, it is a great game with plenty of winning opportunities for the players, a total of 31 possible winning outcomes.

The theme is all about the billionaire gents and life, with clean graphics, yet detailed enough to feel the glamour of the game's ambience. The spins are simple, without any jumping 3D winning avatars, but they are fast and perfect for the players' needs, especially with the bonus games available.

The symbols include: Wild, Bonus, Dollars and Cigar, Dollars and Broach, Dollars and Coins, Dollars and Pearls; and then there is the symbols of the characters: Bill Bullion, Dame Von Deeds, Sir Sterling, and Bette Boodle.

From these, the wild symbol is actually the one with the letter 'W' on it, and it is also called 'Wild', which only substitutes those symbols with cash/money on it, such as the 'Dollars and Cigar', 'Dollars and Broach', 'Dollars and Coins', and the 'Dollars and Pearls'. The scatter symbol is the one with the 'S' on it, also called the 'Scatter', and which will multiply your money. For instance, hitting five (5) scatter symbols will get your winnings increased by 300, hitting it four (4) times will get you an increase of 30, and lastly, hitting it three (3) times will get you an increase of eight (8).

Bets, Jackpots, Bonuses

In terms of the bonus round and game, you will activate it by hitting three (3) or more 'Bonus' symbols. You will be able to choose one of the top four billionaires, and from there, pick one of their investment options, such as one of Bill's oil rings, one of the Dame's deeds, one of Sir Sterling's vaults, or one of Bette's paintings; A total of four (4) bonus games in other words, with a total top win of 45,000 coins.

In addition, you also have a 'gamble feature' available, which is good for every spin if you wish, and where all you would have to do is select the 'Double' button and select between red or black card color. If your selection is correct, then you will double your money, otherwise you will lose it all - a double or nothing bet in other words.

By hitting the 'Wild' symbol, you can win up to 50,000 coins with five (5) 'W' hits, 1,500 coins with four (4) hits, and 180 coins with three (3) hits.

The highest jackpot available is 50,000 coins.

The coin size varies from $0.01 all the way to $0.20, with a maximum bet of 200 coins, $40 in other words.

There is also a 10,000 coins jackpot, $2,000 worth, by hitting five (5) of the same character - this work for any of the four (4) characters, but all five (5) hits must be the same billionaire.

Tips for Slots

The game is quite entertaining, and better yet, even though it is based on billionaire life, you do not need high value coins and bets to win good money. It is as if the billionaire characters are giving it away, after all, they have enough to spread around… The tip here in other words, is do not go for the high stake slot games just because you think they will pay more, or because they might - you might just lose all your money faster, without the chance of enjoying yourself. Cashville on the other hand, will allow you to extend your budget and entertainment - so play smart, and play Cashville Slots now!