Don Deal Slots

Our Spanish amigo, the slick, mustachioed, cigar-toting Don, invites you to the easy online slot game, Don Deal, which has a successful combination of several extremely traditional elements and a touch of extra spice, with a tempting top prize and an excellent range of coins to titillate your gaming wits. This game has a simple yet effective design, with easy-to-use software and conventional symbols which give it a very traditional touch, with some exciting new twists. The regular symbols consist of super Single Bars, delightful Double Bars, tantalizing Triple Bars, ravishing Red Sevens and charming red Cherries. Traditional images bearing huge bundles of cash add another aspect of excitement and promise of huge winnings to entice the player.

This is actually an ideal game for slot novices - in fact, because of its simplicity, it could even serve as quite an effective tutorial for beginners who have never played online slot games before. However, this aspect should not put off the more experienced slot players, as it manages to marry an excellent range of rewards with highly entertaining game elements, while being less sophisticated and complicated than other online slot games that are available. So why hesitate, take up the gauntlet and start playing now - experience the old-school, wonderful world of the casa de Don! Olé!

Take up the Deal with Don!

The Don Deal game interface is traditional, consisting of 3 reels and 1 line, with an out of this world top prize amounting to a vast sum of 1,600 coins, which is really superb when you consider that this is one of the easiest slot games to play. When combined with coin values ranging from 0.25 up to 5.00, your chances of winning are even higher. The pay tables take a maximum two coin bet, with a unique wild icon that adds some zest to the game. If you reveal the wild icon, illustrated as a bundle of cash, when it is needed, this will serve as a replacement which will bring stunning wins for you. A bundle of cash is a promise of great rewards, don't you think?

The busy, busy wild buck

The cash symbol is very important - so important that it essentially has three significant jobs to perform in the game. These jobs consist of the wacky Wild Symbol, the jolly Jackpot Trigger and the magnificent 2x Multiplier and 4x Multiplier. If you are lucky enough to hit all three of these brilliant Cash Symbols, you will win the astounding jackpot which amounts to no less than 1,600 coins! But that's not all - if the cash symbol appears at other times on any of the reels, it will stand in for the wild symbol and will even replace any other symbols on any of the reels!

This means that you have the chance of doubling or even quadrupling your winnings, which all depends on the number of wild symbols you have used to formulate a winning (single or double) combination. You can earn a tremendous number of 800 or 1,600 coins depending on your bet (which can be single or double coins) if you are fortunate enough to reveal three wild symbols on the pay line. What a delightfully fantastic extra feature!

It really is so easy to play this game, all you need to do is download the software and can start to play Don Deal Slots online now!

Are you an experienced player that is tired of those complex slot games, or a beginner who wants to sharpen your skills? Look no further, the casa de Don is waiting for you - and winning is a done deal!