Freaky Fruits Slots

This is one online slots game that really lives up to its name! The Freaky Fruits Slots game is now available for you to download and play, so give it a try and you'll soon be smiling at all the crazy fruits you have to try and match up.

How many reels are packed into this slot machine game?

You will see five reels all packed with bizarre fruits to watch out for on this slots game. There are also twenty paylines which means you have plenty of opportunities to bet on different combinations depending on how lucky you feel!

Are there any special symbols worth noting?

This is a great game for beginners because all the relevant symbols are clearly indicated on the screen. For example the fruit basket is a special symbol because it acts as a wild card. The word 'wild' will appear on it as well. Basically it can be any symbol you want to get more wins.

Watch out for the worms!

Where there is fruit there are going to be worms as well. The worm is a bonus feature, and you'll see the word 'bonus' clearly indicated above the worm when it appears on the screen.

You'll need a total of three worms to grab a chance at a Worm Race though, so keep an eye out for them when playing the Freaky Fruits Slots machine.

How much can you bet?

This game works on a minimum of just five cents per play. So if you want to bet just one line, simply select it. If you want to bet more than one, select the additional ones you need and then go from there. Your multiple bet amount will be shown clearly on the screen at all times so it is easy to keep track of your budget.

Is it easy to understand how to play?

It is, but there is a link underneath the game which you can click on to get more information on various symbols if you need it. Paylines can be selected by clicking on the ones you want.

Grab some fun with this animated slots game

When you spin the reels and wait for the symbols to stop, you will see the fruits are animated on the winning lines. This makes it even easier to see what you have won with the Freaky Fruits Slots game.