Winning Wheels Slots

Released in 2008, Winning Wheels Slots still remains one of the most popular online slots available today. It was created by Microgaming Software, a leading online gaming company with a reputation for fast and vibrant casino games. This classic bonus slot machine offers three reels and one pay line, making it ideal for beginner players or experienced players who enjoy a simpler playing format. The game's bright and red-based graphics fit perfectly with its racing theme, making it a great choice for any player who wants to try their hand at winning big!

Winning Wheels Slots: How To Play

Before you begin playing Winning Wheels Slots, be sure you look over the pay structure and the game's symbols. You'll want to ensure you understand how to play and which symbols pay out the highest so you can fully enjoy your playing experience. Players first choose their coin denomination, which are set between 10 cents and 10 dollars. Players have the option to choose: $0.10, $0.20, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5 and $10. Players can bet up to 10 coins per spin.

Winning Wheels Slot Symbols

While there are no wild symbols, scatter symbols or free spin triggers in this slot game, the symbols are bright and vibrant. Players can enjoy motor sport symbols like the Checkered Flag, Race Driver, Helmet and the Bottle of Champagne, along with classic slot symbols like the Double BAR, Single BAR, Gold Wheel, Silver Wheel and Bronze Wheel. The driver is most valuable, as when three of them fall on the pay line, the top prize of 500 coins is awarded.

Winning Wheels Slots Bonus Feature

Winning Wheels does come with several bonus options and features, which more than make up for the lack of Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins. There are two main bonus opportunities and players can rack up cash quickly when they trigger them!

When a player lands three Wheel symbols, the Lucky Wheel Bonus Game is activated and played on the second screen. This game is much like a "Wheel of Fortune" bonus game, where the player spins the wheel and the bonus prize is determined by what the wheel lands upon.

Another added bonus feature is the "Hold, Nudge" option for players. This feature allows players to hold, bump or move certain symbols and re-spin others, using commands like "Hold", "Nudge", "Nudge Bank Held", "Gamble Nudge" and "Nudge Repeat".