Fruit Salad Jackpot Slots

There are plenty of advanced slots machines online today, but sometimes it is nice to get back to basics. That’s why we’re going to suggest you download and play the Fruit Salad Jackpot Slots machine, because it offers you a simple game that is fun to play. Why not try Fruit Salad Jackpot Slots now?

How many reels and paylines are offered in this game?

This really is a basic one armed bandit slots machine, so you will get the standard three reels and a single payline to watch for. This makes it a good choice if you are new to online slots games and you find multiple paylines difficult to manage initially.

What is the minimum bet you can place?

The smallest bet you can place is twenty five cents. Take a look at the top of the screen as you click on the ‘bet one’ button. It will scroll through each one of five columns.

Each column provides you with a chance to scoop bigger prizes, so you have to be prepared to bet more cash with the Fruit Salad Jackpot Slots machine if you want to win more money.

What kind of prizes are on offer?

You can win small prizes for having up just one fruit on a line as indicated by the board. But you can also win a lot more if you happen to match up three Bar symbols all in one hit.

Play for practice to see how it works and you will start to see how the payouts come up.

Is the game easy to understand?

Yes it is – this is a standard three reel slots machine so there are no additional paylines to get confused by. This is why beginners love them – not to mention aficionados of the game who love the traditional slots machines.

As you play you can read the wins from the chart directly above the reels themselves. This makes it easy to see how they work and you can understand them better too.

Can you play for free?

You can indeed, and it is advisable if you want to get used to how the game works first. You can play through plenty of goes and once you know you want to play for real you can simply click a button and Fruit Salad Jackpot Slots will be available for you to play for real money.