Touchdown Fever

Whoever says that football is only for fanatics has never played or enjoyed this lovely well designed three reel single payline slots game where football lives on forever in a fiery throw and lots of accompanying symbols. Touchdown Fever is a classic slots game where players can place bets with one, two or three coins of varying sizes. It is up to the player and his budget to decide on the size of the coin bet that he wants to place but it is always recommended to try and place the highest number of coins possible in a bet in order to gain the maximum from the game.

Football Themed Symbols

The symbols in this game include silver whistles, goalposts, and helmets, single, double and triple bars together with the all important flaming football. There are no scatter symbols and no wild symbols. All of the payout options are detailed on the side of the screen and players can easily calculate what they can earn for different configurations. The highest paying symbols is the Touchdown logo which pays out 2500 coins for a three coin bet, 1000 coins for a two coin bet and 500 coins for a single coin bet. Depending on the bet that was placed players can win some large prizes. Another nice feature in this game is the traditional handle which dates back to the original one armed bandit machines. Players can click on it to bring it down and therefore activate the machine. Through its simplicity this game offers every player a chance to enjoy the football season all year round together with a chance to win some nice handsome wins.