Pirate's Revenge

Everyone loves a good pirate story with lots of action and adventure and even some promise of enemy boats being sunk. Well in this colorful and action packed slots game that is made up of five reels and nine paylines, players receive all of this and more. Amongst the symbols there are pirate hats and cannonballs, treasure maps and treasure chests, pirate ships and enemy ships and of course loaded guns filled with gunpowder.

Winning Configurations

On the pay table screen players can see the payouts of the different symbols in the game. The pay table screen can be accessed from the main screen with just one click of the mouse on the pay table logo. When reviewing the pay table screen, players will note that the Pirates Revenge logo is the highest paying symbol which awards 5000 coins when five of these lands on an active payline, four of these logos award 2500 coins. The Pirates Revenge logo is also the wild symbol that can substitute for any of the other symbols apart from the scatter to make up a winning payline. After the Pirates Revenge logo the next highest paying symbol is the treasure chest which pays out 1500 coins for five of these landing on an active payline. Players can place from one to nine coin bets per spin and where personal budgets allow it is always a good idea to place the maximum number of coins in order to win the largest payouts that does not mean it has to be the maximum value of coins each time.

Bonus Shoot Out Game

The captain's wheel acts the part of the scatter symbol in this game and three or more of these on the screen will activate the bonus game. The bonus game takes place on a new screen where the pirate ship goes to war against the enemy ships of the Armada that are approaching. The more ships the pirate boat is able to shoot and sink the more payouts there are in the bonus game. Each of the enemy boats holds a different bonus amount and it is pure luck which amount the player will win when sinking a ship. This is a slots game that is full of action with lots of adventure and a very popular theme that draws in every player to enjoy and benefit from the excellent graphics, sound and potential winning combinations that are offered.