Royal Reel Slot - Royal Caribbean

If you are looking for “royalty” in your slot games, you may want to check out four royal reel slot machines we think you will find exciting and lucrative as well. While royalty may encompass Kings and Queens who lived throughout the centuries, it is not mutually exclusive to the human world. Royalty can also encompass a myriad of venues, such as the royal reel casino game set in Africa or a pleasure cruise that sets sail for the Caribbean. Take a look!

Royal Caribbean Slots

Available at Liberty Slots Casino , Royal Caribbean Slots is a classic royal reel casino game with 3 reels and 1 payline. The Caribbean theme includes symbols such as: Dancing Jesters, Jesters, Hands, Horsemen, and Kings.  It has a jackpot of 1600 coins, with a secondary jackpot of 1000 coins. The coin size ranges from 10 cents to $25, with a maximum bet of 3 coins or $75. Although Royal Caribbean Slots does not have any bonus features, you can still win a “King’s ransom” by betting the maximum number of coins on every spin. Thus, if you get 3 dancing jesters on one line, you will win 15 coins x your maximum bet of $75 totaling $1125.  For 3 non-dancing jesters, you will 150 coins or $11,250; and 3 kings will give you the jackpot of 1600 coins or $120,000! There is also another button you can use to make the slot game more interesting: the stop button. With this button, you can stop the royal reels slot machine from spinning at any given time.