2UP Game

Australians have played the classic Two-Up gambling game for many years. However, recently the game has become more intriguing to those all around the world. Traditionally played with pennies, the game involved throwing two coins into the air, with players betting on whether the tossed coinage will fall on heads or tails. Throughout history, Two-Up has been played in pubs all over Australia.

Two-Up Game: How To Play

To play Two-Up, one person is designated the “spinner”. The spinner throws the coins into the air. If the coins land both on heads, the spinner wins. If the coins land both on tails, the spinner loses and they also lose their job as the spinner.

Two-Up Game: Betting

Traditionally, the spinner must place their bet first (with their only option being that they bet on two heads showing up). Another player must match their bet and is now their opponent. Nearby players that aren’t directly involved in the game often place side bets on whether the spinner will come out the winner or the loser.

Two-Up Game: History

While no one is certain where the game originated exactly, many historians feel the Two-Up game is an evolution from the pitch and toss gambling game of long ago. In pitch and toss, only one coin was used. Two-Up was once very popular in the impoverished areas of England and Ireland. There is documentation that convicts played it as early as 1798 and also great documentation that during World War I the Aussie’s soldiers used it to unwind after a hectic day.

Two-Up Game: Relation To Anzac Day

While the game was outlawed in Australia many years ago, due to illegal gambling, the NSW Gambling Act in 1998 deemed the game legal to be played on Anzac Day.

Anzac day is a national holiday that remembers those in New Zealand and Australia that died in any war, as well as those who served. It is observed on April 25th of each year. There is a great connection between Two-Up and this holiday within the Australian community.

Two-Up Game: The Future

Today, Two-Up has started growing in popularity, with many people all over the world starting to take note and play it. Not only are they playing it at home for leisurely thrills, but many online casinos are beginning to offer it as a part of their classic game offering board.