Burning Desire Slots

Burning Desire slots is a relatively new video slots offering from Microgaming. The game is a five reel, ZERO payline pleasure. Microgaming has come up with an innovative way for those who play Burning Desire slots. Even though the game has five reels like most slot machines do, when the reels stop spinning, it is evident that the payline is not there. So how do you win without paylines? By spinning the reels and allowing the symbols to move into their places from left to right. There are 243 different ways you can win at Burning Desire. Slots Players can find out more about how it all works by checking out the first Burning Desire slot machine.

Scatter Symbols Can Equal Big Wins

It is also possible to get more information about the Burning Desire slots bonus feature and the payouts from the scatter symbols from the second paytable page in the game. All of the symbols on the reels of this game can act as scatter symbols if they are in the right spot on the reels. For example, if you get three of the Coin symbol on the first three reels while playing the Free Spins Bonus game, each of the symbols will work s a scatter. In order for it to pay off, the winning combo must be on the first reel, and have symbols on the other reels in turn that are in any position. The maximum win is $90,000, according to the slots experts.

The Gamble Bonus Game

There is also a Gamble Bonus game that the game activates when any winning situation develops in the game. Players can potentially win a lot of money by playing the Gamble Bonus, for this bonus allows one to double their wins over and over whenever they hit the jackpot. Betting options for these players include using the Auto-Play option. All you need to do in order t o make this happen is to be alert and ready to play. Here are some examples of what it is possible to win. Five diamonds on consecutive reels will pay you $3000. The seven symbol can supply you with 2000 more coins when it shows up on each of the five reels

Try Burning Desire Slots Today!

Burning Desire slots has some very attractive graphics. Players will see a bell, a diamond, a coin, a lucky 7, a rose, a Bar symbol, and the usual colorful letters and symbols as the reels go round and round. Burning Desire is such a fun and exciting game to play, for each spin has the potential to trigger all sorts of wins and bonuses. You will definitely want to try Burning Desire slots!