Sure Win Slots

Get your best gear on and join us for a day at the races with Sure Win Slots this 5 reel 25 payline video slot powered by the one of the forerunners in online gaming and entertainment, Microgaming. The images and sound effects are top notch. All the elements of the races are embodied here from the crowd, the horse’s hooves, the tipster and the high rolling gambling atmosphere. This game can pay out a massive 560 000 coins in the free spins bonus round. If you are just by chance playing the biggest coin size of 25c you are looking at $145 000! You can of course reduce your coin size right down to 1c, a nice way to play with a small bank roll and still get paid out $5600 in cold hard cash.

Setting up your strategy

Here we have three variables that are not to be confused with each other if you want to set up a strategy for yourself.

The first is coin size. Coin size increases your bet size just so that your wins are increased proportionately. Increasing the coin size you are risking more per spin. The truth about random number generators is that they even out their payouts over time so spread your cash over a larger number of spins by decreasing your coin size.

The other variable related to this is number of coins per line. It has the same effect of increasing your bet amount per spin and you can bet as much as 20 coins per line. And again your wins are proportional to your bets.

Selecting lines enables paylines. Remember that neither the coins per line nor the coin size are as important as enabling each and every one of the 25 paylines. By enabling each payline and decreasing the other 2 variables you can spin for as little as 25c and by increasing the other 2 you can spin for as much as $125 or just hitting the bet max button.

The money making symbols

The wild “jack of all trades” is the sure win text symbol. This not only stands in for any other symbol on the reels but if it completes any winning combination it triples your win! The tipster is the scatter, each time he appears he whispers a loud Pssssst! Three scatters will launch you into free spins mode. There is a twist as this point where you get to choose more spins on a lower multiplier or pass up some spins to have them multiplied as many as 4 times. Spread your risk over 24 spins or if you are feeling lucky opt for just 12 spins. The scatter also acts as the multiplier and 5 scatters will multiply your win not by 5, as with many other video slots, but by 100!

Choose your fortune with the free spins

Sure win has a feature that many video slots have today. This is the gamble feature. On each and every win you have the opportunity to gamble your winnings. You can double your winnings by choosing correctly between black or red, or choose the correct suit from a deck of playing cards and you can pocket four times your win. This is a great feature but it is not advised to gamble on more than a third of your wins.

Download and Play Sure Win Slots today!

Playing this game is fun exhilarating and exciting and who knows, your horse just might come in.