Summer Dream Slots

If you are a fan of summertime, beaches, and beautiful girls, then you will love Summer Dream slots. This colorful game is garnering fans from around the world. Not only is Summer Dream available at many brick and mortar casinos, it is also a much-downloaded app for the iPhone and the iPod. This means that you can enjoy the virtual summer breezes and the virtual eye candy that is a large part of the game. You will also discover several bonus features that most players will thoroughly enjoy. Best of all, this game can be played online at many casinos free!

Summer Dream Slots Paylines Make Big Wins a Possibility

With thirty paylines, Summer Dream slots can be quite lucrative for the determined player. The ability to wager five coins on each line can add up quickly. Do remember that your line bet is not your total bet, and you can quickly see the potential Summer Dream slots can have for gamers. Coin values available for wagering include $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.25, $0.50 and $1.00. The maximum bet per spin adds up to $150.

Summer Dream Slots Symbols Enhance the Game

Summer Dream slots symbols will make gamers feel as if they are truly a part of a summer dream on the beach. Beautiful woemn coiffed in blond, brunette, and red tresses are eye candy for players. A cool summer mixed drink in shades of green and gold is also shown on one of the Summer Dream icons, while another portrays a mixed drink in half a coconut shell, complete with cocktail umbrella. The Wild icon is done in magenta shaded with yellow, situated in a background of white flowers with pink centers. There is a beach chair icon as well as a sunglasses icon and a volleyball icon. The bonus icons are quite colorful, as is typical of this game.

Summer Dream Slots Options Rival Those of Similar Games

You have fantastic options for sound when you play Summer Dream slots. You can actually control the volume of the music, and there is also a control for the Sound FX volume. The Sound Options are nestled in a little grass beach hut, with starfish as the controls. Just slide the starfish right or left to control the sound. Summer Dream slots have a Wild symbol as well as two bonus symbols. These additions to the game truly make it something special. The Wild symbol takes the place of any of the other symbols except for the bonus ones. The Summer Dream Slots Paytable is well designed and easy to understand.