Mystic Slots

If mummies, spiders, glowing orbs and snakes appeal to you, you will love the Mystic Slots game that is now available online. Download and play Mystic Slots now to try it out and see how much you could win.

How many reels and paylines does it have?

This slots game has five reels to spin with each go, and you will notice nine paylines in total. You can bet on anything from one to nine paylines with each spin. As you click on the ‘bet one’ button you will see each payline and how it runs across the screen indicated clearly with a colored line. If you automatically want to bet on all the paylines don’t worry about clicking on the ‘bet one’ button – just hit the ‘bet max’ one instead.

How much is the minimum and maximum bet on each spin?

This is a low priced slots game and the minimum bet is just ten cents per line. So if you bet on one line per game – the first payline – you will pay just ten cents. But even if you bet all nine paylines you will find yourself betting just ninety cents per spin. Less than a dollar gives you the best chance of winning on each occasion in the Mystic Slots game.

Which symbols should you look for when playing?

Watch out for the wild wolf, which acts as the wild symbol in this game. You will notice it has the wild name on it as well. You can’t receive a payout just for getting this symbol but it can be substituted in for all other symbols so it increases the chance of winning it big. Scatter symbols are worth watching for as well because they can win you free spins depending on how many you get in one go.

Line up the bonus symbols to try the bonus game

There is a bonus game hidden in this slots game too, which can win you even more points. Keep spinning the reels to try and trigger the game to see what happens next!

Start playing for free now

You can start playing the Mystic Slots game completely free of charge and if you find you like it, it takes just a few minutes to start playing with real money. Provided you know what budget you have available you can really go all out to win with this exciting new game.