Smash the Pig

It's not a question you ever thought you would be asked, is it? After all, surely that is cruelty to animals? Well, it would be if it was a real pig, but the ones in question here are piggy banks in this great Spielo game. We haven't come across a slot game like this before, and we think it has a lot going for it. The cartoon theme is very good for starters, and we have lots to look forward to as we play, too.

It's worth noting the wins can be paid from right to left as well as the usual left to right, so you could win more than you might with many other games if the luck is with you. Look for the scattered pigs because three or more will trigger the Pick a Pig bonus feature. You need to pick one of them to reveal your prize - and you might even get a chance to pick again, too.

Finally, three or more bonus pig symbols will unlock the Pig Smashing bonus, where you get to pick one of eight pigs to smash to see what prize is inside. Keep smashing for as long as your luck lasts!