Stunt Pilot Slots

Stunt Pilot is a new five reel, thirty payline game from Microgaming. This game appeals to the adventurous stunt pilot in all of us with images reminiscent of wild stunt flyers, and a super bonus game and gamble feature too! This game promises to make it into your list of favorites fast.

Wild Blue Yonder

The look of Stunt Pilot is clean and bright, featuring a grassy field and a bright blue sky above, set behind white backed play reels. The controls are straightforward and laid out along the bottom of the reels for easy access. As is true of Microgaming games, everything works smoothly and it has a very finished and high quality look to every aspect of the game.

Piloting Symbols

The symbols employed in Stunt Pilot are, for the most part, things that players will associate with pilots: Goggles, Trophies, headsets, airplanes, and the like. The low end combinations are covered by card indices ranging from 9 through A.

Though the choice of the card symbols is unfortunate, the game more than makes up for it with great quality sounds and loads of animations.

Playing with Pilots

This is a pretty straightforward five-reeler on the surface, but once players get into the game, they will discover the rewards of this game. The Pilot serves as a scatter symbol, bringing up all kinds of opportunity for winning. A second scatter symbol is the Airplane – when three of those show up anywhere in the play field, free spins are awarded. What is unusual is that the player must execute stunts with a video airplane in order to determine how many free spins they get! At the bottom end, if the player crashes the plane, they get three spins. At the top, if they do a complex stunt, they may get as many as 30 free spins!

Gambling with Pilots

The Microgamig Gamble Game feature is present here. After a win is awarded, players may choose a color with the potential of doubling their winnings, or a card suit which can quadruple the win! The bad news is that, while this may be tempting, the player, of course, may lose it all in this phase.

Your Flight is Booked!

Stunt Pilot is a wild and exciting slot game that ranks with Microgaming’s best. So put on your flight jacket and goggles and the long white scarf, and settle in for an evening of gambling excitement with Stunt Pilot slots! It is the most exciting adventure you can have in the comfort of your own home!