Why are slot machines so popular?

How much do you know about slot machines? Since their invention many years ago they have garnered a lot of fans and found their way into various casinos.

But the internet has brought them in front of an even wider audience – and with more slot games than you could possibly play in one hit, they’re definitely here to stay as well.

From three reels to five – how the slot machine has developed

The earliest example of a slot machine relied on just three reels and one payline to draw in punters. Nowadays you can play online and spin five or even more reels to try and line up the symbols you need to win it big.

There are plenty more paylines available too – with up to twenty five available to bet on in some of the games available at the Silver Oak Casino and the Manhattan Slots Casino too.

Line up various symbols to win a prize

This is the basic task you have to try your luck at. When you have various symbols in combination with each other – usually two or more of the same image – you will win a prize.

Each game has its own prize structure and help screen that shows you what you need to match up to win something. Obviously the more symbols you correctly match, the more prizes you can win. And if you select all twenty five paylines (or however many there are in play) you can win as many as twenty five times. Not bad for one spin on a slot machine!

Look for special symbols to maximize your chances of winning

Scatter symbols are present on slot games of all kinds. The difference with these is that they can appear anywhere and they still count towards a winning line.

Substitutes are good too as they enable you to do just that – substitute them for other symbols to maximize your winnings with each spin. You won’t win every time, but these symbols do increase the odds in your favor.

Hidden games and bonus levels make online slots even more exciting

Yes you can even play additional levels and secret games when you play certain online slot machines. Not all of them have these extras added in, but plenty of them do – and you can win more as a result as well.

So gear up for your first foray into online slots now – you’ll love every minute of it