Ox Bonanza Slots

Ox Bonanza is a promising title. It tells us we have an animal in action, and it promises a bonanza… but a bonanza of what, exactly? We hope it will be prize-related, but who can tell without checking it out in greater detail?

If you are keen to see how this slot pans out, you are in the right place to get some answers. We have developed our slot game review to touch on all the things you’re thinking about now.

Developer info if you are curious

And you should be, as the game comes from the creative minds at Realtime Gaming.

Does that mean demo access is guaranteed?

Yep – as with all modern games coming from RTG, it does have a demo mode to use as well as the real version.

Can you work out which theme they’ve used?

An ox appearing in an early 2021 slot release, hmm… if you were wondering about a Year of the Ox game in time for Chinese New Year, you are correct.

Does it boast a cool design?

We think so, and the graphics are sharp for this one too. There are plenty of bright colors splashed around, and yet the ox and the other animals you’ll see here all look real. The cherry blossoms and other Oriental touches in the background look great as well.

Ox Bonanza: Reels, jackpots, and more

Let’s get to the details of how to play this game. We are given a standard 5 x 3 reel set here, with two progressive jackpots sitting atop those reels. The minor one sits on the left and the major one is on the right.

Since the game is based around an ox, you can work out that we have a wild ox in action. Unfortunately, you’ll only see it on reel one, although there is a feature connected to it that improves its power. We’ll cover that in a while. Here, though, we’ll say that if you score a prize involving a wild, you’ll get double the usual amount.

Finally, the game also has a scatter symbol. This one bears a message saying Ox Bonus.

Paylines and how many to play

This has fixed paylines, so you cannot reduce the quantity to play. However, they’ve gone for a manageable 25 of them.

How much can you bet on this slot game?

The smallest bet per line is a penny, giving you a minimum spin bet worth a quarter. You can also crank up the coinage a bit more, maxing out at $12.50.

Paytable details

Before you play the game for the first time (even as a demo game), we recommend you go into the paytable. It’s in the bottom left corner, so you can reach it with just one click or tap, depending on how you’re accessing the game. It shows you all the symbols and covers their values and uses.

The game has one neat bonus

The bonus can occur during the base game and in the free spins, and we’ll cover those shortly. The bonus is a Morphing Wild feature. Whenever the ox turns up anywhere on reel one, there is a chance (it’s not guaranteed) that the ox could change any major symbols on the reels into more wild icons. There are three animals acting as the major icons, so this could potentially give you several more wilds.

Free spins in Ox Bonanza

The usual trigger is employed here – find three, four, or five of those scattered messages to receive your free games. You’ll get 10, 20, or 100 of them, depending on the quantity found. You can get more in the same manner.

As we mentioned above, the Morphing Wild can appear during any of these games, so that adds another level to your progress.

RTP? Not from RTG

If you’ve played lots of games from this developer, you’ll know that they are never ones to reveal their return to player percentages. Many have said they tend to drop in at around the 95% mark, so that should be taken as a guide.

How promising is Ox Bonanza?

This is a nice slot – ideal for celebrating the Chinese Year of the Ox. No doubt it won’t be the only one out there in 2021 on this topic. Does it rate a high score? It does enough to reach eight points out of 10, but we’d prefer to see a wild that appeared on all reels to start with, rather than having a morphing feature. That’s our opinion, anyway.

Winning potential

The jackpots are going to catch the eye of many, no doubt. However, few are likely to collect either of those prizes. They do add a further level to the game though, which does have a selection of prizes for major and minor icons.

Demo action gets things underway

The demo is always going to give you the real game rather than just reading our review. We hope we’ve given you an introduction to the slot but be ready to spin those practice reels first.

Play for real at participating RTG casinos today

No Chinese snacks required before loading this game, although it would be great to have some on hand, wouldn’t it? Find your favorite RTG casino and find Ox Bonanza in the new games area.

You can also play on mobile

Whether you have iOS or Android, tablets and smartphones are ideal for playing this game wherever you are.