Monster Manor Slots

Monster Manor is a new slot game that offers exciting features and some of the best graphics that we've seen in a standard slot. It's lovely to look at, and we knew we wanted to test the game out after seeing screenshots of it. During testing, we came across some impressive features and decent prize opportunities as well. Those are excellent reasons for you to test this game yourself to see if you'll like it or not.

Made by Woohoo Games

This game is a WooHoo Games creation, which is why it's so beautiful and modern. The company is known for making nice-looking games. If you decide that you want to play this game, you'll likely see it offered at online casinos alongside games from other software companies. The games are often packaged with many other developer offerings at online casinos, which means you'll enjoy lots of options to work with when you play.

Try it Free

This new slot doesn't require you to risk any of your own money if you aren't sure about playing it. Before you risk any cash, you can open it in Demo mode and test play it for as long as you like. The game gives you a free money balance in this mode, and it works exactly the same as it would with real cash. The only difference is that if you win in Demo mode, you won't walk away with any actual money. This is an excellent option for new players that aren't sure about the slot yet, and it's also a way to have some fun for free.

A Spooky Halloween Thrill

This slot is clearly meant to be played around Halloween. It's set in front of an old mansion that's gated in with a cemetery. The whole game is set at night with a bright full moon in the background, and there are all sorts of creepy symbols that show on the reels. You'll see vampires, witches, werewolves, black cats, and much more as you play this game. Between the symbols and the beautiful background, it's easy to see why so many gamblers enjoy this game.

Made for Ease-of-Use

Monster Manor is designed to be easy to play with and to be approachable for novice gamblers. The game has just three buttons for you to use as you play, and that's the Autoplay, the Bet Amount, and the Spin button. Between those buttons, you can adjust your wagers and play the game how you like. This is easy and fast and simple for new players looking to get started.

A Video Slot Game with Modern Features

This new slot is designed to be modern, fun, and exciting. It has two bonus rounds, some unique wild features, and powerful multipliers during the base game. Between all the different features, there is always a way for you to win, and there are unexpected payouts you can achieve as you play.

50 Always On Paylines

This slot has a total of 50 paylines for you to play on, and you must wager on each of those lines each time you spin the reels. With all those lines active, you must wager on 50 lines with each spin. That means you'll bet more to play the game, and you'll increase your opportunities to win as well. There are 50 chances to unlock a winning prize with each spin, and that's incredibly exciting if you're a gambler looking for a good payout.

Wager Simply

With fixed paylines, wagering in this game takes very little time. Press a single button and adjust your bet options to create a wager value you're comfortable with. New players feel just as comfortable with the wagering process as long-term gamblers do, and that's good news for players that want to start playing sooner and stop working so hard to get going with a new slot. Tap the button and adjust your wager up or down to a level you're comfortable with.

A Small Paytable

With a quick look at this game's paytable, you'll realize that most of the prizes aren't very large. This doesn't necessarily take away from the excitement of the game, but it does mean that you'll rely on bonus features more than ever as you play. With the most valuable symbol being worth just 400 coins, there isn't a huge win to be had during standard rounds. You can enhance your wins substantially using black cat symbols. Black cats apply a multiplier to your prize wins when you get more than one on the same payline. Get three for a 3x multiplier or 4 for a 5x multiplier for the best wins.

The Potion Bonus Round

Getting three or more of the ghost symbols will open up the special bonus round. In this round, you'll be picking from different ghosts in order to try matching potions. Get three of the same type of potion, and that's the prize payout that you'll trigger. Potions have set values to them, and you can win a large payout with the right selection.

Unlock Bat Free Spins

Getting three or greater of the bat symbols is all it takes to turn on the free spin bonus round in this slot game. When the round is activated, you'll receive your instant scatter prize payout and then ten free spins. During those free spins, you'll enjoy a 3x multiplier to help you win bigger and better prize payouts. You should also watch for black cat symbols. Black cats that fall on the central reel during the bonus round will transform into a witch wild that takes up the entire reel. This is a powerful perk that can lead to bigger and better wins as you spin the reels.

A Respectable RTP Value

With an RTP or return of about 96%, this slot is a good value, and more gamblers should look at playing it. While it isn't the best value out of all the games we've ever experienced, this game does show some real promise and is certainly something a gambler should consider when looking for a good value.

Our Rating

After testing the game over an extended session and getting a chance to try the bonus round a few times, we decided to rate this slot a 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. We were impressed by the looks and the free spin bonus of this game. We also like that the slot offers a solid return to gamblers that are willing to play for long enough. We felt like the payouts were rare, though, and it's my belief that this game is volatile and that you should play long sessions in order to get the best value from the game.

Some Gamblers Win Big

Even though big wins feel rare in this game, there are some huge payouts to be had while playing this game. You can win as much as 2,500 times your total wager amount on a single spin of this game. Keep turning the reels and hoping for an exciting prize payout while wagering on this slot game. With enough time, you could get some huge wins, especially if you trigger the free spin bonus a few times.

Enjoy Fun Play Mode

If you aren't sure about risking money, or you want to have some fun when your bankroll runs low, you can load this slot in play mode and try it out for as long as you like, just for fun. You won't spend any money on the game in this mode, and you can still enjoy the excitement of turning reels and trying for a win. Of course, you won't win any actual money, but it's still entertaining.

Switch to Real Money Play and Try for a Big Win

When you want to have a go at winning real cash prize payouts, you can do that with this game as well. Open the slot in standard mode and play for big wins. You'll have to use your money to play, but with the wide range of wagering options, you should be able to choose a wager level you're comfortable with. Set your wager value, turn the game on, and play for some exciting prize payouts.

Enjoy Excellent Mobile Support

This game was built to run on most mobile devices, and it does so flawlessly. If you're tired of being stuck in front of a computer screen, you won't have to deal with that while playing this slot. Instead, you can spin the reels and enjoy the full play experience on a tablet or smartphone as long as you have a good connection.