Make You Rich Slots

Players can be blessed by the Caishen with each spin of the reels on Make You Rich slots. The game has a $100 max bet. This is a very rewarding game, so you'll win a lot of cash along the way. Here's a breakdown of the game's important facts.

  • Slot game developer - Dragon Gaming
  • Slot game type - 3 reel bonus slot
  • Slot game theme - Asian, Money, Good Fortune
  • Paylines - 5
  • Betting options - Max bet of $100
  • Game RTP - 96%

The graphics and sounds in this video slot are impressive. Animated snakes are wrapped around pillars on the sides of the reels. The Chinese lantern and other symbols move fluidly, swaying with the movement of the reels. What's most impressive, however, are the prizes.

Explore the Payouts

There are five Chinese symbols found on the paytable, To win a payout, you need three symbols on a payline in order to win these prizes.

  • Chinese Lantern - 5x
  • Fire Crackers - 15x
  • Money Bag - 25x
  • Ruyi - 50x
  • Abacus - 75x
  • Caishen - 150x

The paylines run across the reels or diagonally from the top or bottom corner to the other. Symbols are stacked, which makes it easy to form a winning combination.

Win Caishen Mega Spins

After a winning spin, you can collect an Ingot to the Ingot Collector meter. Three consecutive wins fill the meter and trigger the Mega Spins bonus round. During this bonus, the value of the paytable symbols is increased by 5x. Keep getting Caishen Mega Spins until you've won five times.

If you don't want to wait to fill the Ingot Collector, use "Buy Feature." You'll pay a fee to fill the meter with the Ingot symbols you need or buy all three to trigger it automatically.

Make You Rich slots proved to be one of the more rewarding 3 reel slot games we've come across. After paying $8,000 to trigger the Caishen Mega Spins bonus feature, our first spin awarded an $8,900 payout. By the end of the five winning spins, we'd won $14,000. See what happens when you play it. Play Make You Rich today.