Mystic Elements Slots

Mystic Elements is a new slot that is designed for simplicity, but that packs some pretty cool features into the play experience. At first glance, this slot looks beautiful, and that's why we wanted to create a full review for it. Find out if this game is right for you by reading through our review, or test it yourself for a first-hand look at what it has to offer.

Created by Bovada

This game was crafted by Bovada, a well-known software development company. It's one of the dozens of games available from the company, and most of the games here are modern and beautiful to look at. If you join a casino with Bovada products, you can test this game out.

Try This Slot Free

This game is optimized to run in a free play mode for gamblers that aren't sure about it. If you want to learn about its features and decide if the game is worth playing before risking real money, load it in demo mode and test it out. You'll be impressed by how well the game runs and by how simple it is to unlock some impressive prizes too.

Space and Elements Theme

We were impressed with the design and appearance of this slot. It's a mix of space and natural elements, and it's difficult not to enjoy the design of this game. There are symbols for fire, water, air, and earth, as well as mystery symbols, free spin symbols, and light symbols. Altogether this slot looks very nice, and that makes it more enjoyable to play.

A Minimalist Slot

The developers worked hard to make this game's interface as simple as possible. There is a spin button, an autoplay, a betting button, and that's it or the main interface. You can dig into the options menu to change up settings and learn about the different payouts, but even new players will be comfortable testing this game.

Exciting Progressive Jackpot Features

This slot comes loaded with a substantial progressive jackpot that you can unlock for huge wins. This jackpot grows in size over time, and if you're fortunate enough, you'll unlock it during a play session. It's tied to the free spin bonus round, so you'll have to keep your fingers crossed when you trigger that feature.

Play Over 10 Paylines

There are 10 paylines for this game. Each of the lines requires a wager, and they're always turned on. The lines all give you another chance to win a prize payout, and there is a lot to look forward to when you spin this slot because wins are common.

Wager Simply

To place a wager in this game, you select the Bet button and choose the wager amount you want. You have 10 buttons to click, and the buttons adjust your wager from a low of $0.20 to a high of $100. Set the amount you like best and begin playing.

No Additional Bonus Round

This game offers players a powerful free spin bonus, but there aren't any additional bonus rounds for you to unlock as you play. Even though the bonus features are limited, they are powerful and can result in huge wins.

Unleash the Free Spins Bonus

Whenever you unlock three or more of the free spin symbols, you will unlock the free spin bonus round. You can also turn on this mode by getting three or more of the mystery symbols. This bonus round gives you between 10 and 20 free spins, and you can trigger additional spins by getting more of the free spin symbols. It's possible to get up to 150 free spins in all if you can get enough of the free spin symbols during this bonus round. Any wins you unlock come with a 3x multiplier, which can result in some impressive jackpots with some luck. If you manage to get five light symbols during the free spin bonus, you'll unlock the progressive jackpot payout, which is worth thousands of dollars.

A Solid Value

While we don't know the exact return to player that this slot offers, the game pays out regularly and feels like a good value as you play it. We were impressed by the prize payouts and enjoyed each play session with this slot.

Our Rating

We chose to rate this a 3.9 out of 5.0 stars. It's entertaining, it looks really nice, and it functions smoothly. We extended our play session for longer than we expected because it's so entertaining to spin the reels of this slot.

Big Wins Do Occur

While they are rare, it's possible to win some huge jackpots and fixed prizes with this game. If you play for long enough, you'll have a chance at substantial wins, including the impressive progressive jackpot. This prize is normally worth tens of thousands of dollars and is a payout that's worth playing or.

Play for Fun

You can load this game in free play mode to wager for fun if you aren't confident enough to risk real money. Load it in Demo mode and try out the different features, or play through an extended session just for fun.

Wager with Real Money

When you want to take your gambling to the next level, you can do that easily by switching to real money play. This game supports wagering for real money and makes it easy for you to risk your bankroll for cash wins. Wager your money today and try for one of the impressive prize payouts.

Take the Slot on Mobile

This modern slot game is optimized for a mobile play experience. That means it loads in a web browser on tablets and smartphones and doesn't require any sort of app in order to function. That's good news for gamblers that enjoy their flexibility, and it's something for you to think about if you're considering this game.

Overall we were impressed by Mystic Elements. The slot isn't perfect, and we wish it had a few more bonus features, but it's entertaining and offers major prize-winning opportunities. Test the game for yourself to see why we enjoyed the features of this slot so much, and this game could end up being one of your favorites.