Fat Cat Cafe Slots

This café has everything you would expect to find in one – coffee, some cakes, and plenty of donuts. Oh, and some cats too. Yes, this is no ordinary café, and you will soon see the Fat Cat Café has some neat features that set it apart from anything else that might seem similar.

Developer details for this slot

We need to thank the hard-working team at RTG for this slot game. Realtime Gaming is always reliable, but they have done a fine job with this game.

Try the demo first

We suggest you do so to find out which special features the game provides you with.

Theme details for this slot game

We are indeed inside a café for this one, but most of the items you’ll find there are on the reels. And of course, you do get some cats in action too, so it is a mix of themes, really.

Design information for Fat Cat Café

This café is a charming one. The background hasn’t been given too much detail, but this ensures your eyes are drawn towards the items appearing on the reels. Cakes, cheesecake, donuts… there are lots of temptations falling into place there. And you get the cats appearing on the reels too, with their own roles to play.

Learn how to play Fat Cat Café slots

This game gives you a chance to spin five reels, but you’ll see more icons stopping on each. It uses a 5 x 5 grid to keep things interesting. Don’t expect one or more progressive jackpots though – RTG hasn’t included any of those.

The cup of coffee you might get from your favorite café appears here as a substitute icon. It can replace all the sweet treats, but it cannot sub for any of the cats.

This is not a payline slot

Instead, it is a cluster pays slot. This requires you to find a combination of at least four identical icons in a spin to win something (these can include wilds). Nothing appearing diagonally is counted, but horizontal and vertical positions are valid.

Is this game suitable for all players to bet on?

We don’t think so, because the minimum bet is $2. The biggest wager is well into four figures at $3,000, so there will be penny players who won’t like this one.

Don’t miss the paytable

The cats are explained when the game begins, but we still suggest reading through the paytable first. This is easily accessible, as you’d expect from an RTG slot game.

Laying out the bonus features

Whenever you net a prize in this game, the Cascading Reels bonus begins. This means the prize is granted and the multiplier donut gets a chunk taken out of it. This is a good thing as the multiplier increases by 1x each time. Winning symbols are removed and replaced by new ones, which means you could get another prize. The maximum multiplier applicable in the Cascading Reels feature is 6x, so if you could trigger some cascades, there is the potential for some nice wins there.

The cats appear occasionally too, and you need to get just one to enjoy their bonus. The first cat wipes out everything on its row, while the second cat wipes out everything in its column. A third cat may appear and fulfil both those roles at once. Finally, the fourth cat gets rid of all the symbols appearing around its position. These give you further options for winning combos every time they occur.

Free spins aren’t available

Sadly, nothing of the sort is provided here.

RTP information

We’ll update this when we get it, because no RTP value was announced when the game was released.

Our rating for this entertaining slot game

We love cats, which might skew our opinion, but we’d still give this 8 out of 10 paws! We like cluster pays slot games and this one delivers with some neat features as well.

What are the biggest prizes winners could hope for?

The game confirms it is possible to get up to 3,000x your triggering bet if everything falls in your favor. That multiplier donut could come in useful too, we bet.

Find the practice version of the game at all good RTG casinos

This is our recommendation – try the demo game and see what you think of that first. Only then can you truly know whether Fat Cat Café is the game for you.

Play for real if it suits your budget

Remember, at two dollars per spin, this isn’t going to suit everyone. Don’t bet more than you can comfortably afford to lose with your budget. This isn’t a penny slot – far from it.

Mobile opportunities with this slot game

If you like playing slots on tablets or smartphones, the Fat Cat Café slot has been released for accessing on Android and iOS platforms among others.