Fangtastic Slots

There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than to play through a spooky and haunted online slot game that puts you right into the middle of all sorts of creepy symbols. That’s what you get from Fangtastic, an online slot game that’s perfect for Halloween. This slot is themed after vampires, but there are all sorts of creepy symbols for you to look at while you spin the reels. From the moment that you begin playing this slot game, you’re going to be very distracted by all the different symbols that are popping up.

A Small Betting Window

We were a bit disappointed with the betting window offered while playing Fangtastic. At the low end you have to wager at least $0.25 per spin. At the high end you can only go up to $6.25 per spin. That’s not a very huge range to work with at all, and it means that you could be stuck with some pretty low payouts compared to other slots that cater to high rollers. If you’re a low stakes gambler you aren’t going to care about the lower maximum wager amount. However, if you’re a high-stakes player, you might be disappointed with Fangtastic.

Vampire Wilds and 243 Ways to Win

The vampire symbol is wild in Fangtastic, so you’ll want to watch out for her with every spin that you complete. Vampires can result in more frequent prize payouts, and can help you unlock some of the most valuable combinations that you can win from the slot game as well. Since this slot doesn’t use traditional paylines, and instead offers 243 different paying combinations, you’ll enjoy frequent prize wins and some really nice combinations that you otherwise couldn’t unlock.

Excellent Free Spins

Fangtastic offers a really profitable free spins bonus round where you can come away with huge prize payouts with a bit of luck on your side. To trigger this bonus you need to get two or more of the dice scatter symbols from left to right. Do that and you’ll have a chance to get a large number of free spins and multipliers from the slot. Each of the dice is rolled and the sum of all the dice is added up to produce the total number of free spins that you get from the slot game. After that, any dice on the middle of the reels is re-rolled and the number that you get all together is the total prize multiplier. With this feature it’s possible to get up to 66 free spins and a 30x multiplier with the absolute best possible luck. That would result in massive prize winning payouts and huge wins for the gambler lucky enough to get that.

Progressive Jackpot Opportunities

Fangtastic has three different progressive jackpots that all increase in size as you go through the reels of the slot. These jackpots offer exciting payouts that aren’t attached to how much money you are wagering at the time. That means a low stakes gambler can win a high amount o f cash from one of these bonuses, or a high roller could win a lower amount of cash. Between the Mini jackpot, the Minor jackpot and the Major jackpot you could win tens, hundreds or thousands of dollars in a single spin in Fangtastic. The payouts are given out randomly and it only takes a small bit of luck in order to land one of these nice wins.

Because Fangtastic offers such generous bonus features like the free spin round, it’s a slot game that’s well worth playing. Give the game a try for the first time and you’ll quickly see why so many gamblers enjoy playing it. It’s a lot of fun, and there are many features for you to look forward to as you spin the reels.