Take The Kingdom Slots

Take The Kingdom’s title is full of the bravado you need for a blissful and rewarding gaming outing. From start to finish, Take The Kingdom lives up to the billing where greatness awaits you, and it is brought to you by Betsoft.

Betsoft Keeps Moving Up The Gaming Ranks

Betsoft keeps making its move throughout the online gaming sphere. Once considered an upstart to the more established gaming engines like Real-Time Gaming and Wager Gaming Software, Betsoft keeps the magic and the good times flowing with its incomparable ensemble of gaming graphics, bonus rounds, and spectacular interactivity. Take The Kingdom embodies all of these elements and more, and it keeps Betsoft a household name.

Practice Taking Your Kingdom

Take The Kingdom offers excellent gameplay on a variety of levels. True, there is much to take in, but there is no rush to lay down a bet all at once. Take The Kingdom is set up for you to use as much practice play as you need to get the best to your liking and how you need it to go. You can indulge in all the Take The Kingdom treasures, but you can’t win actual money for your troubles.

Play On A Fantastic New Level

Magic is afoot when you play Take The Kingdom. From the first moment you encounter the game screen, the elements of fantasy and sword, and sorcery are prominent. If you love Dungeons And Dragons, King Arthur, and Game Of Thrones, you are in for a wonderful treat with Take The Kingdom because it contains all of these essential elements.

The vaulted dragon makes its presence felt throughout the reels. Take The Kingdom is so vivid and interactive that there is a real-life fire burning in the process. We told you that all the essential gaming elements that continue making Betsoft a driving force are here for you.

A Fantastic Game Flow

Take The Kingdom goes all out for the visual gameplay, but it remains rock-solid on the backend gameplay. All the vital elements that you need to get the party started are here on the game screen. Nothing stops you from laying siege to the kingdom by using all 100 of the majestic pay lines. Take The Kingdom follows up all of these magnificent moments with a user-friendly coin button system. Take The Kingdom also permits you to further craft the game to your needs with an auto-play feature and a manual mode.

Take The Kingdom Delivers On A Variety Of Levels

Take The Kingdom offers epic gameplay through the manual mode, but it steps up to the plate with tremendous bonus rounds. Don’t worry. We will go through all the epic bonus rounds with a fine-tooth comb.

The Pay Lines Are Yours To Command

Take The Kingdom plays for keeps with an epic amount of pay lines. The king permits you to use all 100 pay lines at once, or you can step back and strategize taking the kingdom by playing fewer pay lines.

The Royal Court Awaits The Bet

The suspense builds as you work through trying to vanquish the dragon. Finally, you get that much-needed boost by being allowed to make your coin bet. Take The Kingdom offers a stratum of wagers starting at a penny which quickly grows to a robust dollar value.

The Paytable Breathes New Life

Take The Kingdom rises to the gaming challenge by having numerous options to win. The fantastic gameplay begins with the fiery wild. Take note because this wild explodes every seven wins. We will dive more deeply into the fiery wild further in this article. Every fantasy story deserves a knight in shining armor, and this is what you have when it comes to Take The Kingdom. The knight stands ready, sword in hand to the tune of over two credits for five of him on the reels. The beautiful princess stands prepared to shine by leading the way with under one credit. The rest of the game icons are the sword and shield, the ax, the bow and arrow, the mace, along with the high-value playing cards.

A King’s Fortune Awaits With The Bonus Rounds

Take The Kingdom takes winning seriously, which is why the bonus rounds bristle with fire. Remember those fiery wilds? Here’s where they come into play. Every seven spins, the dynamic wilds explode. There is a game meter that counts down until you get to zero. The wilds get wilder. We pick things up with the dragon. When the dragon gets into the mix, it turns into a fiery wild for extra winning power.

Every Kingdom Needs Treasure

Take The kingdom follows suit with an epic free spins round. Three of the treasure chests set the stage for greatness with a chest full of coins. Three of the treasure chests welcome and open up the drama with twelve free spins. The only question is how many wilds are on the reels. The wildfires range from six to 12 at a time. Please remember that the treasure chests only land on the second, third, and fourth reels. If fortune doesn’t befall you en route to the free spins round, Take The Kingdom lets you buy the free spins. If you have enough slot coins, you can purchase the twelve free spins, and for the extra cash, you can buy a certain amount of wilds on the reels.

Marvel At The Return To Player

Take The Kingdom follows the lead of other Betsoft games by having a fantastic return to player. Betsoft’s reputation for high-ranking and well-paying games runs true with Take The Kingdom.

Take The Kingdom Is The Talk Of The Town

Take The Kingdom comes out of the gates swinging by being the buzz of several gaming review sites. Take The Kingdom remains a highly popular slot game.

Step Up And Win

Take The Kingdom to enjoy a wide circulation at the online casinos that proudly host this game. There are sure to be several promotions that you can use to your advantage to win back this epic online casino. Don’t forget about the banking issues that are for your taking and liking as well. Bitcoin might be in the mix along with Visa and MasterCard.

This Kingdom Is All For Fun

Take The Kingdom welcomes you to enjoy yourself with fantastic wins, but the game aims to have fun.

Time To Win Real Money

Take The Kingdom rises to the gaming challenge by offering many ways to win. Like we mentioned before, the online casino with this game is sure to have promotions for you to use. In addition, the no deposit promotions are another vital avenue to find free winning opportunities.

Take The Kingdom Is Mobile

Take The Kingdom is ready to shine from sea to shining sea. Take The Kingdom works seamlessly on home computers and today’s mobile devices.